How To Move From NASCAR To Motocross

Fans of events like NASCAR are always looking for what their next extreme thrill is likely to be. Well, there are few better possibilities than getting into motocross, which is full of thrills and spills. However, if you are used to driving a car, riding a motorbike may seem like a big switch to make. …

Aquarium With Sunken, Algae-covers AT-AT Aquascape Is A Sight To Behold

I am confident that aquarium-loving, Star Wars fans will be enthralled by what Carly Thompson did to her 5 gallon Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium. While Thompson’s set up aren’t as extensive or lavish as those aquariums you have seen in Discovery’s Tank, it is still very much a sight to behold. Why? Because, Star …

LEGO-style Block 19 Semi-automatic Glock Pistol Is A Very Bad Idea

While toy makers strive to make toy guns like real guns, some gun maker is making real guns look like toy guns. Needless to say, the latter is not the brightest of ideas. In spite of the obvious, it does not stop one US gun seller from doing so.

Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano: Grand Piano Feel, Keyboard’s Real Estate

Lets face it. Not everyone who plays piano has the luxury of space to accommodate an upright piano, let alone a grand piano. Thankfully, for the musically inclined you, there is the Casio Privia Series PX-S1100 Digital Piano.

The Mandalorian The Child Chia Planters: For Those Who Can’t Enough Of Grogu

Anyone who can’t enough of Grogu, aka The Child, of Star Wars The Mandalorian will want to check out the Star Wars The Child Chia Cat Grass Planter by NECA. Cos’ if you want to grow some nutritious treat for your cat(s), why not do it The Mandalorian way?

What Is Spectroscopy And How Can You Learn More About It

The literal meaning of the word spectroscopy is looking into the world of spirits. It is made up of two words: Spectron, which is a Roman word that means ghost or spirit, and the Greek word Skopein, which means observe. As the world evolved, and so did people’s comprehension of everything around them, scientists reached …

These Guitar Picks Claim To Be Able To Achieve The Similar Effects To Guitar Pedals

We don’t a lot of guitar accessories here. When we do, it would be something pretty unique, like a guitar pick made from volcanic rock, or a guitar pick that claims to be able to achieve similar effects to electronic pedals or equalizers. The Acoustik Attak Guitar Pick is one such “effects guitar pick”. Here’s …

Someone Made A Jabba the Hutt Figure With Visible Anatomy And It Is Awesome

Many people are into Star Wars. But someone who specifically have a thing for the notorious Jabba the Hut from the original Star Wars trilogy? That has to be very, very rare. Mighty Jabba (@mightyjabbascollection) is one such rare person.