Nissin Foods’ New Factory Has A Giant Cup Noodle Lid As Its Entrance

Nissin Foods’ new Cup Noodle Factory in Shiga Prefecture of Japan’s Kansai region has a very interesting architecture feature that juxtaposed against the rather nondescript white factory facade. We talking about the delicious looking entrance which is actually a giant replica of the company’s Cup Noodle, or at least, the replica of the lid.

Why Remove The Rock When You Can Build The Home Right Into It?

This concept home by Shanghai-based architect/photographer, Amey Kandalgaonkar, is along the line of the Casa Brutale Cliff House. It shares the same ideology. Where Casa Brutale cuts into a cliff, Kandalgaonkar’s House Inside A Rock introduced straight geometry into the rock. What Kandalgaonkar did there is the perfect marriage of an ancient, organic nature of […]

Upcoming Skyscraper In Dubai Will Stick Out Of the Ruler’s Fingerprint

Fingerprint is a personal feature most people hold dear because, it is supposedly unique to each individual and hence, it is often use to ID a person. In other words, it is an intimate detail of a person. However, it looks like His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister […]

China World’s Biggest Man-made Waterfall Has Crazy Running Cost

Completed two years ago is a building in southern city of Guiyang, a province known for its natural beauty, called Liebian International Building. There is nothing quite unusual about this skyscraper, but it is in fact the world’s biggest man-made waterfall. You heard that right. It is a waterfall, right smack in the city and […]

Sugar Refinery-themed Playground: Is It Why Some Called Their Kids “Sugar”?

Some parents lovingly called their child “sugar” and sugar they will be when they play and explore this impressive playground that stood at the Domino Park at the Brooklyn waterfront. The Domino Park Playground, affectionately called Sweetwater, designed by Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman is a homage to American Sugar Refining Company-owned sugar refinery that produces […]

PyeongChang, South Korea Has The Darkest Building On Earth And There’s Nothing Sinister About It

Don’t worry. Hell is not upon us, yet. The “darkest building on Earth” is actually a Hyundai pavilion/art installation presented by artist Asif Khan at the 2018 Winter Olympics, happening from February 9-25 at PyeongChang, South Korea. Essentially a black silhouette, especially when viewed in low light, the building appears a regular straight sided structure, […]

Roadhaus Wedge RV Tiny House Appears To Be Larger Than It Really Is

Can you imagine yourself living in a tiny space of, say, 160-240 square feet and won’t go bonkers? Now, do you have a relatively spacious backyard with 50 AMP supply and sewer connection, or at least, you can make those happen? If your answer to those questions are ‘yes’, then you qualify yourself a Roadhaus […]

13 Year-Old Built A Tiny House, Makes Me Question My Childhood

While most kids of ages 12-13 were out hurling themselves into the creek or hole up in their home with video games and stuff like that, little Luke Thill spent his summer building a tiny house in his backyard. And he was 12 when he started the project. Luke has build very admirable, beautiful tiny […]

Relocated Apple Store In Chicago Has A Giant MacBook On The Roof

Now, we all know how Apple is obsessed with details and that includes obsessing over every elements that goes into its store, and the upcoming flagship store in Chicago is no different. Not only does this store, which is actually a relocation of the original flagship store in Chicago, a showcase of Apple obsession with […]

Italy Is Giving Away Run-down Properties, Including Castles, For Free

Whether you are inspired by the recent movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, or always have the dream to lead your own ‘kingdom’ complete with your very own castle, you’d be glad to know that Italy is now giving away over 100 run-dow properties, including a handful of castles, for free. I know right? […]