This concept home by Shanghai-based architect/photographer, Amey Kandalgaonkar, is along the line of the Casa Brutale Cliff House. It shares the same ideology. Where Casa Brutale cuts into a cliff, Kandalgaonkar’s House Inside A Rock introduced straight geometry into the rock. What Kandalgaonkar did there is the perfect marriage of an ancient, organic nature of sandstone stock formation and 21st century modernist architectural design.

House Inside A Rock Concept Home

When a developer wants to build a structure and a rock formation like such stands in the way, the logical move is to get the rock formation out of the way. However, Kandalgaonkar’s idea retains the original geological formation while intersecting it with concrete slabs. Though how practical it is to build a home into a rock formation is unknown.

House Inside A Rock Concept Home

The last time we saw someone try to remove a rock, they end up splitting the rock into two sections. There was a failure in the rock’s structure, but in that instance, it works in the developer’s favor. Though we can’t say that is the outcome if House Inside A Rock were to be built. Then again, if the ancient folks of the desert were able to do it, I am sure it can be done, right? I mean, construction methodology is so much more advanced now.

Anywho, with the House Inside A Rock, Kandalgaonkar drew inspiration from the rock-cut tombs found in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO world heritage site in Madain Saleh. Now, who needs to live on the edge of a cliff on Malibu when this one looks cooler? Then again, if it is in Saudi Arabia though, the heat there might just be a deal breaker.

Images: Amey Kandalgaonkar.

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Source: Uncrate.

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