When it comes to designing and making products that cover every aspect of your life, Xiaomi is relentless. And they don’t just do it as a one-time product for each product under its wings. Take for example the Mi Air Purifier. The return-to-glory Chinese company has not one, not two, but five Air Purifiers under its belt and today, it has added one more to the catalog: the Mi Air Purifier Max. If the product name did not hint of its size, then let us help you out here: Mi Air Purifier Max is a monster air purifier – the biggest to roll out of the China mega brand’s factory.

Xiaomi Announced Supersize Mi Air Purifier Max

But how big you ask? Very big, Like up to 1,000 m3/hour kind of big. Armed with 1,000 m3/hour Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the Mi Air Purifier Max is good for busting impurities in the air in a room as big as 120 square meters (1,291 square feet) and doing so in no more than 3 minutes. Design-wise, Xiaomi seems to go on the ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it’ philosophy, sticking with the design found on the previous models. That means, you can expect a minimalist rectangular box with prominent rounded corners in the now-signature beige tone.

Xiaomi Announced Supersize Mi Air Purifier Max

Notable highlights include an circular OLED display for status and parameters display, a two-filter design (hence the monster capacity and the size), detachable top cover for filters change, and Xiaomi’s patented silent noise reduction technology that touts a low noise of 34 dB (which is as quiet as library and quieter than some bird chirps, btw) even at its highest mode. With the Mi Air Purifier Max, it brings the total number of air purifier the China brand has to six. Previously, Xiaomi has the first-gen Mi Air Purifier, introduced in 2014 and in 2015, it pushed out the 2nd-gen Mi Air Purifier 2.

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Xiaomi Announced Supersize Mi Air Purifier Max

Just last year, the company launched at the Mi Air Purifier Pro – the first to sport an OLED display and the Mijia Car Air Purifier. This year saw the launch of the more affordable but trimmed down Mi Air Purifier Pro, the Mi Air Purifier 2S. With great (air cleaning) power comes great price too. And in this case, you are looking at 1,999 RMB (or around US$305). Then again, in a congested city where this monster air purifier is needed, you will hardly see a single room with 120 squares and if you happen to own a home with a single room that this monster size, then I am sure 1,999 RMB could be a mere drop in the ocean. In any case, it is still a lot more affordable than most big brand names. Look out for the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Max this December 26, 2017.

Xiaomi Announced Supersize Mi Air Purifier Max

Images: Xiaomi.

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