Xiaomi Gave WalkingPad An Upgrade, It Is Now A Proper Treadmill That Supports Running

If you don’t already know, Xiaomi also makes and sells a variety of fitness equipment, including a treadmill designed specifically for walking aptly called WalkingPad. While it also has treadmills for running, Xiaomi somehow decided to give the WalkingPad an upgrade to allow it to be used for running too.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Speaker Is So Powerful That It Could Extinguish A Candle

I don’t see the need for a smartphone with mind-blowing loud speaker, but if you do, you may want to look to Xiaomi Redmi Note 8. First released in Italy in August (September for the Pro model), this mid-ranger from Xiaomi’s sub brand Redmi is rocking a 1217 ultra-linear speakers with Smart PA support.

Meet The Global Version Of The CC9 Pro With 108 MP Sensor, Xiaomi Mi Note 10

It seems like Xiaomi sees the world as two divides: China and Rest of the World. On November 6, it has announced the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, claiming it as the “first 108 MP Penta Cam” smartphone when it in fact it had officially announced the world’s first smartphone to rock a 108 MP Penta […]

The World’s First Smartphone With 108 MP Camera Is Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro

Well, that was fast. It was just a few months ago when Samsung and Xiaomi announced the two has co-developed a groundbreaking 108 MP image sensor for smartphone and that Xiaomi be the first to adopt it, and it is now on a product ready for sale.

Forget About Waterfall Display, Xiaomi Mix Alpha Has Wraparound Display!

Waterfall display will be a hype in the smartphone industry, but apparently Xiaomi has a more ambitious plan. The smartphone maker has unveiled a smartphone with a display that goes beyond extreme curves; it literally has wraparound display. I am not even kidding.

Samsung Rocks The Mobile industry With The First 108 MP Image Sensor For Smartphone

So, you think mobile photography will never surpass or even on par with DSLR imaging prowess? Well, think again. Samsung has just announced a break through in mobile imaging with the industry’s first 108 megapixel image sensor for smartphone. One-hundred-and-eight! Holy cow. That’s a resolution that is equivalent to that of a high-end DSLR camera. […]