Black Shark 5 Series Gaming Smartphones: Gaming-focused, Flagship Specs For Less

After playing Apex Legends Mobile for a week, I am beginning to think that I should probably use a gaming phone so that I will be a little frustrated with the framerates and the overall graphics performance. OK. Or maybe the new iPhone. Thankfully, there is no lack of gaming-centric smartphones that aren’t iPhones. Xiaomi’s …

Imilab Global Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door: A Super High-tech Door

The scale of Xiaomi’s ecosystem is mind-boggling. You have no idea its reach and how it wants to take over your home (or maybe even your life). From phones to TV to rice cookers, this electronics giant of China will have you covered.

Xiaomi Redmi K50 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Gaming Phone

There are fast phones and then there is a fast phone that wants you to know it is fast through an exclusive co-branding with a Formula 1 race team. Because, you know, F1 is fast. Get it? Get it? The Xiaomi Redmi K50 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Gaming Phone, aka the Redmi K50 Champion Edition, is …

Here Are The Pricing For The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Series Smartphones

Samsung may have ditched the Note series but Xiaomi is continuing its Note series under its budget sub-brand, Redmi. Like its predecessors, the new Redmi Note 11 are affordable entry and mid-range devices that managed to packs some flagship features.

Are You Surprised That Xiaomi Has A Massage Gun Too?

Athletes often need to hit up massage establishments to relieve their muscle stiffness and tension. With the pandemic, this has become a risky thing to do. This is where a device like the Xiaomi Massage Gun can help. Wait, what? That’s right. The China handset maker and maker of everything the sun also has a …

Xiaomi Watch S1 Smartwatch Is Xiaomi’s Attempt To Create A Classy Smartwatch

Are you confused by the different models of Xiaomi smartphones? Well, if so, then you’d be prepared to be confused by its smartwatches too. That’s right. Xiaomi has unveiled yet another smartwatch, just months after it has revealed the Xiaomi Watch Color 2.

Xiaomi Watch Color 2 Smartwatch: Super Affordable Wearable With Long Battery Life

Before Xiaomi became a big player, you’d be hard-pressed to find affordable gadgets from big names. Now that Xiaomi has become big, its pricing policy remains the same and this affords consumers to pick up reasonably good quality gadgets for less. The Xiaomi Watch Color 2 is the latest example.

Xiaomi Mix Fold Turned It Into A Miniature City That Packs Into A Globe

The Gunpla model builder Ray Studio who rebuilt a smartphone into a mech sculpture and turned a Braun shaver into a stunning robot sculpture is back. This time, Ray Studio took apart the Xiaomi’s first folding phone, Mix Fold, and turned it into a miniature city model that features Shanghai Pudong (上海浦东) on one corner …