Samsung Rocks The Mobile industry With The First 108 MP Image Sensor For Smartphone

So, you think mobile photography will never surpass or even on par with DSLR imaging prowess? Well, think again. Samsung has just announced a break through in mobile imaging with the industry’s first 108 megapixel image sensor for smartphone. One-hundred-and-eight! Holy cow. That’s a resolution that is equivalent to that of a high-end DSLR camera. […]

Roidmi Newest Cordless Vacuum Lets You Vacuum And Mop At The Same

You have heard of robot vacuum that also does mopping, now meet the cordless vacuum that vacuums and mops at the same time from Xiaomi’s sub brand Roidmi. Called Roidmi Nex Storm, the magic is made possible by an attachment called Magic Mop Box. Magic Mop Box is magnetic mopping component, which has an integrated […]

Xiaomi Mi 9T Is The Global Version Of Xiaomi Redmi K20

The Xiaomi Redmi K20 was a budget flagship device without a price that kills. At just 400-ish for the top spec-ed model, it is indeed a bargain. Alas, unless you are in China, you probably won’t be able to get your hands on one. Well, that’s until Xiaomi Mi 9T comes along. Xiaomi Mi 9T […]

Oh Look, Xiaomi Also Teases An Under Display Selfie Camera Too

It looks like Oppo isn’t the only handset maker tinkering with under display selfie camera. The company show off a working prototype on June 3 and shortly after, Xiaomi also posted a device with under display camera on its Twitter account. Xiaomi’s sneak peek of this exciting development one up Oppo’s “first look” where it […]

Xiaomi Unveils Redmi K20 Pro With Pop-up Camera And Headphone Jack

Xiaomi has just unveiled a new Redmi device, the Redmi K20 Pro that packs some serious flagship features and a price that will give its competition a run for their money. For starter, it is notch-less (yay!) and the sleek, uninterrupted edge-to-edge display is completed by an in-display fingerprint sensor. Unfortunately, though, the triple camera […]

Xiaomi Elvis Presley Bluetooth Speaker Looks Like A Gadget From Fallout

Not sure how we managed to miss this when it was named the Honoree recipient of the CES Innovation Awards 2017. Anywho, here it is, the Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player B612. Xiaomi Elvis Presley Atomic Player is a pocket-size Bluetooth speaker that’s a nod to the King of Rock with a design befitting the […]

Xiaomi Unveiled New Electric Mobility Devices Under HIMO Sub-brand

It looks like from here on and out, Xiaomi will be selling electric mobility devices under its sub-brand HIMO. There are five HIMO electric bike and electric bicycles. There’s the HIMO VI Plus, HIMO V1S, HIMO C20 and the HIMO T1. The V1 series are really compact, fit-for-trunk pedal-assist bicycles and as for the C20, […]

A Patent Reveals Xiaomi May Be Planning To Pull Off A Reverse Notch

What you see here is Xiaomi’s latest take of how to not share the display with the front-facing camera module. Yes. You are not seeing things here. Xiaomi actually has this crazy idea of a what essentially is a reverse notch, as revealed by a patent it has filed. Instead, carving a spot for the […]

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Now Has A Brown Bear Edition, But The Phone Isn’t Brown

Collaboration with pop culture brands is the one other thing that Xiaomi cannot resist doing. The latest to join the China maker-of-everything-you-need-in-life growing portfolio of collaboration is this: Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Brown Bear Edition. For this device, Xiaomi partnered with LINE, a chat app from Japan which is widely used in Japan and in […]

Black Shark 2 Gaming Smartphone by Xiaomi Has Pressure Sensitive Display

Xiaomi has taken the wrap of the follow up to its first gaming smartphone of its sub brand, Black Shark. Simply called Black Shark 2, this new device continues the X design language of its predecessor, but now boasts a metal body with “shaped folding glass” and a touch of light. And it has a […]