Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Monitor Is A Streaming Media Player Too

OK. Maybe having a TV-size gaming monitor is a little much but I sure don’t mind a gaming monitor that has the features of a TV. In fact, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Gaming Monitor, which is Samsung’s first OLED gaming monitor, one up the TV.

VelocityOne Rudder And Stand: Turtle Beach Flight Sim Control System Is Finally Complete!

Well, it’s about time. The TurtleBeach VelocityOne Flight simulation control system introduced last year is now joined by the VelocityOne Rudder Pedals and VelocityOne Stand. It took Turtle Beach long enough but at the least, the setup is complete now. Well, that’s if users of VelocityOne Flight haven’t already settled for other options.

Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device Is A Purpose-built For Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is all the rage because you can play some of the most graphics-demanding games without worrying if your hardware, such as your smartphone, is up to the task. As long you have a strong and fast internet connection, you are good. But, if for some reason, you prefer to have a dedicated device …

Captain America Arrives To Gaming Chair As TTRacing Surge X Gaming Chair Captain America Edition

Whenever you see a listing of the best gaming chairs, Secretlab will be on it, and so will brands like Logitech G x Herman Miller. But clearly, not everyone is willing to drop that much money on a gaming chair. Fortunately, there’s no lacking of affordable gaming chairs in the market. Little known brand from …

PlayStation To Release Gray Camouflage PS5 Accessories, Including Super Cool PS5 Covers

We have good news for men who have been cracking their brains on how to conceal the humongous and eye-catching white PlayStation 5 from their wives. PlayStation may have inadvertently provided you with a solution: Gray Camouflage PS5 Accessories.