GameSir X3 Peltier-cooled Mobile Gaming Controller

It was once considered “illegal” to use external controllers to play games like PUBG Mobile. Apparently, it was considered cheating, or so we heard. Seriously, though, with big names like Razer and Oppo selling mobile gaming controllers, how can it be “illegal” right?

3 Tech Pieces To Elevate Your Online Gaming Setup

Gaming is one of the most exciting and popular forms of entertainment at the minute, and when you consider the amount of variety that is out there, it is pretty easy to see why. People all over the world are quickly getting more invested in gaming and, in doing so, are putting together some great-looking …

Bauhütte Motorized Electric Gaming Bed: The Pinnacle Of Gaming Furniture

Clearly, a gaming station that lets you eat, snack, sleep, and game all in one place is not quite perfect enough because you still have to burn some precious calories to sit up from your cozy sleeping position to do whatever needs to be done seated.

CyberPowerPC Kinetic Gaming PC Has Adaptive Airflow That Makes It Looks Like It Is Breathing

What looks like a model of the facade of Al Bahr Towers is actually a “breathing” PC. What you see here is a concept gaming PC from CyberPower Kinetic Series Gaming PC, featuring similar geometrical lattice screens found in the pair of towers in Abu Dhabi.

Fanatec The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2

You must be a mega fan of Formula 1 to be wanting the Fanatec The ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 Esports V2. It is a gaming steering wheel that is a replica of a steering wheel as used in Formula race cars and while you are free to use it with non-F1 racing games, it’d feel …

Evangelion e: Project x GReddy Gaming Chair

As far as ergonomic seat goes, nothing beats the racing seats found in race cars. And it was with this notion, the first gaming chairs were born in 2006. While they were essentially racing seats on wheels, it turns out to be a winning formula that has been copied by almost every single gaming chair maker …

Guy Turned His Galaxy Z Flip 3 Into A Nintendo DS, Complete With Split Screen Capability

There are gamers who feel nostalgic about the Nintendo DS and then there is a gamer who feels nostalgic, looked at his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and thought: it can work as a DS substitute!

Here’s How You Can Win A Microsoft Xbox Series S Lunar Edition

Xbox is celebrating Lunar New Year with a new Lunar Xbox. The Lunar Xbox is essentially the Xbox Series S in a special Year of Tiger decor. The console itself is treated to a red paint job with graphics of tiger accompanied by an illustration of flora in Chinese landscape painting style before rounding up …

Limited Edition Boba Fett Razer Xbox Controller: Do We Really Need To Say More?

Razer has given its Xbox controller the Boba Fett makeover. The Limited Edition Boba Fett Razer Xbox Controller features a cosmetic inspired by the colors of the helmet of galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter – complete with nice weathering effects and scuffs – as seen in the latest spin-off series, The Book of Boba Fett.

Razer Teamed Up With Hello Kitty And Friends For A Collection Of Gaming Accessories

While Dr. Martens and Igloo Coolers have Hello Kitty fans’ outdoor adventure covered, Razer wants to have Kitty introverts – specifically, gamers – covered too.