Move Over Pikachu, It’s Time For Eevee To Shine In This Latest Razer And Pokémon Collab

Razer China has revealed its latest collaboration with Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise. No, finally it is not Pikachu. This latest collaboration sees Eevee taking centerstage. Leading the Razer x Pokémon Eevee collection is an Eevee-themed Enki gaming chair. There is also an Eevee-themed gaming keyboard, an Eevee-themed keyboard wrist rest, and Pikachu and Eevee-themed mousepads.

Redmagic x Ninebot Go-kart 2nd Gen Special Edition: The Steering Wheel Is Also A Game Controller!

During the keynote for the Redmagic 9 Pro Series, Redmagic also announced something really special and pretty damn exciting. Redmagic revealed that it has collaborated with Ninebot for a Redmagic-themed go-kart, dubbed Redmagic x Go-Kart 2nd Gen Special Edition. Like, who would have thought a smartphone maker would get into a collab with a scooter …

Atari 2600 Plus Video Game Console Officially Launched! Plays 2600 And 7200 Cartridges!

If the Atari Gamestation Pro is not retro-looking enough for you, or for some reason, you have a catalog of the Atari 2600 with no Atari 2600 to play with, then this news will be the best thing you will hear all day. The Atari 2600+, revealed a couple of months ago, is finally available …

Xbox Announces Edible Chocolate Controller And Wonka-inspired Chocolate Console

There is going to be another Willy Wonka movie. But this time, there’s no retelling of what we already know. Now it is a film that’s devoted to his backstory. But we are not here to tell you about the movie. There’s something relating to Wonka (that’s the title of the movie, btw) that is …

Sony INZONE Buds Wireless Gaming Earbuds And INZONE H5 Wired And Wireless Gaming Headset

In case you haven’t heard, yes, wireless gaming earbuds do exist. These earbuds addressed the latency issue with proprietary wireless connections like FlashSpeed and LIGHTSPEED. The same goes for Sony INZONE’s first wireless gaming earbuds, INZONE Buds which boasts a USB-C dongle that claims to provide latency of less than 30 ms. So, yeah, Sony’s …

Cowabunga! Skullcandy Celebrates 40 Years Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles With TMNT-themed Audio Products

Cowabunga! Skullcandy has unveiled a special collaboration with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, celebrating its 40th anniversary. The Skullcandy x TMNT Push Active True Wireless Earbuds and Skullcandy x TMNT PLYR Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Headset pay homage to the iconic characters while offering advanced audio technology.

Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup – Limited: It Costs As Much As A Used Car

Forget about regular old gaming steering wheels. If you want to feel truly behind the wheel of a 911 GT3 Cup, or any real racing car when playing racing simulation games on a PC, you will want this gaming steering wheel: the Porsche Gaming Steering Wheel 911 GT3 Cup – Limited.

RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Pepita – Ltd: Did Someone Asked For An Even More Exclusive Porsche Gaming Chair?

So you think the RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition isn’t exclusive enough for you? Well, Porsche and RECARO heard you and it is bringing you another, the RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Pepita – Ltd, which is even more exclusive than their first game chair we saw in January.

It Is Not PS5 Slim But The New PlayStation 5 Is Definitely Slimmer And Lighter

Hey, want to know a secret? I don’t own a PlayStation 5. Why? Truth be told, I hated how it looked. Yes, I may have called it sleek (it was an honest mistake if I did, I swear!), but the hunk of a gadget really puts me off. dbrand almost managed to convince me otherwise. …

This Is Razer Kitsune, The First-ever All-button Optical Arcade Controller For PS5 and PC

The Razer Kitsune is a game-changing controller designed for competitive fighting game enthusiasts. It combines the tactile satisfaction of an arcade control panel with Razer‘s cutting-edge optical switches. This controller is crafted to meet the demands of competitive players, offering exceptional precision and control while maintaining a slim and portable design. How thin, you asked? …

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