Sony Xperia 1 IV Touts “World’s First True Optical Zoom Lens”

Well, that was fast. Sony Xperia 1 III was just available last August and now, there is the next-generation, Xperia I, the Sony Xperia 1 IV. Aesthetically, it looks nearly identical to its predecessor which is clean and minimal, you know, nothing fancy.

Sony Xperia 10 IV: World’s Lightest 5G Smartphone Packs A Large 5,000 mAh Battery

Folks, this is the new Sony Xperia 10 IV. This time, Sony has shortened the gap between the announcement and the actual availability – even shorter than last year’s Xperia 10 III. The official announcement was May 11 and it will go on sale as soon as mid-June 2022.

Redmi Marks 70th Manga Atom Debut With Redmi Note 11T Pro+ Astro Boy Edition

Xiaomi’s Redmi unveiled the latest member to join the Note 11 family, the Redmi Note 11T Pro and Pro+, a few hours ago. Nothing out of the ordinary really but what caught our eyes is an Astro Boy-themed Redmi Note 11T Pro+ called Redmi x Astro Boy Note 11T Pro+.

DOOGEE S98 Pro Ditches Second Display For A Pro-grade Thermal Imaging Camera

DOOGEE, the innovative name in rugged smartphones, has revealed a Pro version of its latest dual-screen rugged device, the S98. With the S98 Pro, it drops the second display in favor of a more practical feature: a pro-grade thermal imaging camera from InfiRay that boasts a 25 Hz frame rate and at 256 x 192 …

Retro-style Computer With Round Display May Not Be Practical But It Looks Fantastic!

Have you wondered why computer display is never circular? Even in the science fiction world, where space is the limit when it comes to imagination, it was never round either. Why? I dug around a bit but there is no conclusive answer. My take is that a circular display is not easy to make and …

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Poké Ball Case Bundle: Not For Catching Pokémon

Poké Ball is to Pokémon like lightsaber is to Star Wars. It is one of the most iconic objects to emerge from the Pokémon franchise. Meanwhile, in the real world, it not only lets you catch Pokémon like it was meant to be (yes, really!), it was a lunchbox, a Pokémon shrine-worthy collectible, a power …

Leica Trinovid 8 x 40 ‘Life Edition’: When Art Meets Binoculars

Look far into the distance with a mix of art and luxury with the new Leica Trinovid 8 x 40 Life Edition binoculars. Based on the 2019 relaunched Trinovid binoculars, the Leica Trinovid 8 x 40 ‘Life Edition’ gets a touch of neon green leather trim and color-matched engraving – courtesy of Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur …

Did You Know That Chinese Satellite BeiDou Has A GPS Smartwatch Too?

Military-style, rugged smartwatch is not new. So is GPS smartwatch. But what makes BeiDou Syntime Military Smartwatch stands out is, as the name suggests, it is by BeiDou. You know, the navigation satellite system operated by the CNSA.