Apple iPad 10th Generation Revealed With A (Very Pleasing) Updated Design

The 10th-generation Apple iPad was announced on October 18 and it is the last of the iPad to share the iPad Pro design language. I know right. It’s about goddamn time. Until the 9th-gen, it had a design that look not a lot different from the earlier generation iPads. Now that it has a new …

Samsung Show Off A Computer Display That Is Expandable From 13 To 17 Inches

After making smartphones with a big display in a relatively compact factor (i.e. folding phones) a norm, Samsung now wants to do the same for PC too. At the recent Intel Innovation 2022 Keynote, Dr. JS Choi, president and CEO of Samsung Display, showed off “the world’s first 17-inch slidable display for PCs globally.”

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Monitor Is A Streaming Media Player Too

OK. Maybe having a TV-size gaming monitor is a little much but I sure don’t mind a gaming monitor that has the features of a TV. In fact, the Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 Gaming Monitor, which is Samsung’s first OLED gaming monitor, one up the TV.