Pixel Portfolio: Google Pixel 7 Series, Google Pixel Watch And Tensor-powered Pixel Tablet

In case you haven’t heard, during the recent Google I/O, in addition to unveiling the new Pixel 6a and the new Pixel Buds Pro, Google surprised everyone by offering a preview of the upcoming hardware, collectively known as the Pixel portfolio.

Meet Vivo’s First Tablet, The Vivo Pad

There is a trend among smartphone makers in China now and that is to get serious about making tablets. Tablet was a thing some years ago but it did not receive much love. We suspect this trend was kickstarted by South Korea’s Samsung which has only gotten serious about tablets in recent years despite it …

Guy Turned Mac Mini Into A Laptop-like Computer With An iPad Mini For The Display

What do you do if you love your Mac mini way too much? Keep using it, of course but there is nothing much you can do except to leave it at home when you head out. But maker Scott Yu-Jan digs his M1 Mac mini so much that he decided to make it portable. You …

CyberPowerPC Kinetic Gaming PC Has Adaptive Airflow That Makes It Looks Like It Is Breathing

What looks like a model of the facade of Al Bahr Towers is actually a “breathing” PC. What you see here is a concept gaming PC from CyberPower Kinetic Series Gaming PC, featuring similar geometrical lattice screens found in the pair of towers in Abu Dhabi.

Huawei MatePad Paper Is Essentially An E-Reader That You Can Also Write On

There are e-readers. There are tablets. And then there is this: Huawei MatePad Paper. Huawei MatePad Paper is a device that is essentially an e-ink reader and a digital notepad rolled into one. You can read ebooks and jot down notes with this nifty device.

Apple M1 Ultra Chip, New Mac Studio And Studio Display

Following the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip introduced last year, Apple has revealed a new flagship chip for personal computing, called M1 Ultra. With the M1 Ultra, Apple is staking a claim as the world’s most powerful chip for a personal computer.

2022 Apple iPad Air Is The Latest iPad To Ditch Bionic Chip For M1 Chip

The Apple iPad Air has been updated. The last update was in 2020 when it received the new iPad Pro-style look. While it has the iPad Pro-style look, the 2020 model still relies on a mobile-focus chip, does not have an all-screen design, and does not support Apple Pencil. With the 2022 Apple iPad Air, …