Kontakt.io BLE Nano Tag Is The World’s Smallest Affordable, Disposable, And Wearable BLE Tag

Bluetooth tracking has been around for years. However, it has only gained real traction in recent years, thanks in part to major companies like Apple and Samsung also dipping their toes in the market. Speaking of which, here’s another player in the market.

LifeProof Introduces New Gadget Accessories For Apple Products Made From Recycled Ocean Plastics

I am sure Apple fans are fond of Apple products because they are eco-conscious. Like, how else, would they accept a phone that does not come with a charging brick? OK. Even if that’s not your intention, you can start your eco-conscious gadget lifestyle with the new LifeProof Eco-Friendly Case for Apple’s small gadgets.

Space Jam: A New Legacy x CASETiFY Collection Will Drop On August 31

We have featured so many collaborations by Casetify, so I thought let us not waste time to tell what this latest collaboration (yes, another!) has to offer. Anyhoo, this time the collab is with Warner Bros. Pictures’ sequel to 1996 live-action/animated movie Space Jam.

Dbrand Apple AirPods Pro Grip Case Protects Your Precious Earbuds With Military-grade Impact Resistance Case

Ever witness an unwilling juggler? You know, like when an object accidentally slips off a person’s hands and he or she started juggling trying to, well, get a grip on the object? Well, we do not know about other objects, but when it comes to your precious Apple AirPods Pro, Dbrand has engineered a solution …

Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag: Perfect Companion To Fun And Trendy Instant Camera

Carry your Polaroid Now instant camera around with a lot of styles with the Official Polaroid Now Camera Bag. The bag is not just stylish; it is kind of retro too, which is fitting for the camera.

This Anti-theft Bike Security Device Disguises Itself As A Functional Water Bottle Cradle

A bicycle lock is an obvious solution to bike thefts, but it is not a foolproof method (unless your bike lock looks like this). So, here’s a high-tech solution to double up your bike’s security if the lock fails. This is MaxTracker, an anti-theft bike security device.

Fanttik T8 Apex Jump Starter Is Also A Flashlight, And A 20,000 mAh Power Bank

One of the worst fears of any driver is a dead battery. Thankfully, the advancement in battery means, you do not need another vehicle to help you jumpstart a vehicle with a conked-out battery. The Fanttik T8 Apex Jump Starter is one such jump starter.

iPhone Case Seller Shared Photo Of iPhone 13 Cases, Hint Of A Slightly Thicker Device

A U.K. smartphone case maker, Design My Case, said it already know the physical size of the yet-to-be-announced Apple iPhone 13. The case seller has revealed a photo of an iPhone 12 fitted inside a supposed iPhone 13 Pro case along with another iPhone 13 case.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Power Compact Camera With This Clever Camera Controls

The imaging prowess of iPhone 12 is without question. The only thing that stands in its way of becoming a powerful compact camera are physical controls and perhaps, some kind of grip. The Fjorden is one such accessory that will do just that.

Sharge 100 W Transparent Power Bank: The Ultimate Geeky Power Bank

Transparent gadgets are synonymous with style and a mark of its owner as the ultimate geek. We have seen many transparent gadgets, including watches, toaster, TV, turntable, and of course, phones. Now, power bank, too, has join this geeky aesthetic too.