“UFO House” Futuro House Is Now Available On Airbnb. Alien Companions Not Included

Don’t be envious of chickens that get to dwell in an UFO. Now, you can too with Airbnb Area 55 Futuro House aka the UFO House. You may remember the Futuro from our post 10 years ago. Well, apparently, this is not the same one.

Traveling To Japan Is Like Stepping Into A Time Portal

Hollywood films have instilled different visions of what the future could look like within our minds. However, even before movies like Aliens set the stage for Earth in the year 2122, society has long tried to imagine what our future might entail. In fact, in 1909, French writer Jules Bois forecasted that someone would invent flying bicycles, allowing …

Disney Imagineering Research And Development Has A Created A Real-life, Working Lightsaber

Well, it looks Hacksmith’s 4000 degrees plasma lightsaber ain’t the closest mankind will ever get to a real lightsaber because, Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development has created a real-life lightsaber that extends like we have seen it in the movies.

Want To Have The Road Trip Of A Lifetime? Read This

There’s something special about road trips. It’s just you and the road with a few of your friends and/or family. Road trips a great way to discover parts of the country you didn’t know existed and bond with people along the way. That’s if everything goes according to plan, however.

A Guide To Saving Money While You Travel

Right now, the vast majority of people in the world are unable to travel as much as they would want to, but soon the world will start to open back up to travelers and adventurers, so it is a great time to start planning your next trip. Travel is notoriously pricey, so here is a …

3 Ways To Enjoy The Great Outdoors With Your Family This Year

When it comes to spending quality time with your family this year, there is nothing more fun than being able to get out and about in the great outdoors. Once the chill of winter has finally faded away, you can take your entire family out to experience the beauty and fun of nature without much …

Go Ahead, Take A Virtual Tour Of The Now-delayed Super Nintendo World At USJ

Super Nintendo World is supposed to open this month, but we heard that it is now on hold indefinitely due to the rise in COVID-19 infection. Even if it is opened as planned, folks outside of Japan will not be able to visit because, as we all know, traveling for leisure is definitely out of …

How To Travel And Work At The Same Time

For many people, the opportunity to travel and work at the same time is a dream come true. However, rather than simply dreaming about it, you want to think about the ways that you can turn this dream into a reality. In truth, you have a range of options of how you can combine the …

Airbnb Invites New Yorkers To Sleep Under The New Year’s Ball In Times Square

New York’s Ball Drop will go virtual because of the pandemic. The countdown will proceed and the Ball will descent as usual, but it will be live streamed instead. I am sure there are people who are going to defy staying home and appear at Times Square anyways.