Imilab Global Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door

The scale of Xiaomi’s ecosystem is mind-boggling. You have no idea its reach and how it wants to take over your home (or maybe even your life). From phones to TV to rice cookers, this electronics giant of China will have you covered.

Imilab Global Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door

Naturally, it would have your home security covered too, you know, with gadgets like smart security cameras, video doorbells, and smart locks. Speaking of smart locks… it looks like Xiaomi isn’t satisfied with just selling smart locks either. Now, it wants to sell you the entire door.

Technically, it is not Xiaomi that is selling the smart door. It’s one of its many ecosystem companies, Imilab Global (创米数联), that makes and sells the door. Imilab Global is an IoT company established way back in 2014 with a business focusing on smart homes with deep artificial intelligence integration (but of course).

Anywho, so yes, Xiaomi kind of sells doors too. In fact, Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door, as it is called, is not the first. The company already has a smart door called H1 on the market.

Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door is the latest and it is currently on the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi Youpin, where folks in China can pre-order it at a discounted 7,999 yuan (about US$1,230).

The retail price is a cool 12,999 yuan (or around US$1999), btw. The campaign, which started on April 14, will end on May 12, at 10 AM China Time.

Imilab Global Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door

It may be strange to say this… but the door is powered by MediaTek Kompanio 500 chip, featuring an octacore processor that maxes out at 2 GHz and imbued with a dual-core AI processing unit (APU).

Man, this thing is like a phone! Or more correctly, a computer because this chip is developed with Chromebook platforms in mind. Processor, processor everywhere. Now even in a door.

The highlight of the door would be the smart lock system which is a “financial sector-grade” biometric 3D facial recognition system, known as 3D Structured Light Facial Recognition, that is capable of executing facial recognition of a person height between 1.2-2 meters (3.9-6.6 feet) and at a distance of 0.3 to a meter (1-3.3 feet), and doing it in a speedy 0.3 second.

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The door utilizes both hardware and software security to ensure data privacy. Imilab Global claims that the system is capable of storing up to 255 faces – more than you ever need – with data being stored locally.

It also touts the second-generation 12V DC power supply technology featuring proprietary storage technology that ensures uninterrupted power throughout the day while remaining safe with features like over-discharge protection and whatnot.

The door is outfitted with two touchscreens. On the inside is a tablet-sized 10.1-inch IPS touchscreen for viewing the outside world and access to all the functions, and on the outside is a 5-inch IPS touchscreen for inputting passcode.

Imilab Global Xiaobai Blade Star Smart Door

In addition to the 3D facial recognition module, there is a 150-degree super-wide-angle lens 1080p camera with IR night vision capability. Also present is a PIR human detection sensor.

The smart door, which is voice command-enabled, is also outfitted with speakers and a microphone that will allow communication with whoever’s at the door and allows visitors to leave voice messages too.

In addition to facial recognition and passcodes, the door further supports NFC, Bluetooth, backup key, and fingerprint unlocking. The latter is found on the super sleek door handle. Like any good smart lock, Blade Star also supports temporary passcodes.

It is app-enabled too (obviously), enabling push notifications when somebody is at the door if someone is loitering outside, when there are multiple authentication failures, or when a shock is detected et cetera.

The lock itself is of aerospace-grade aluminum construction with a super narrow bezel and the door is force entry and drill-proof, fire- and soundproof. It is not clear what is the fire rating of the door, though.

Finally, the door is, of course, armed with a high torque motor for locking and unlocking. It is absolutely bonkers how high-tech a door can get. We may not have sliding doors like Star Trek but man, this is certainly more high-tech than the doors on NCC-1701.

Images: Imilab Global [CH]/Xiaomi Youpin [CH].