first it was home automation by individual functions, such as Philips hue wireless lighting, Belkin WeMo, Sonos HiFi wireless speakers, Nest Thermostat and more, each with its own awesome app that lets us wield control over them without us leaving the comfort of our couch or even when we are not home. with so many apps to keep track, it can be rather overwhelming to say the least and therefore, a device such as the Revolv Smart Home Solution could be real confusion saver. working in conjunction with a free iPhone app, the Revolv Smart Home Solution pulls together all those wireless devices and appliances and gives you the freedom to mix and match them to suit your “lifestyle automation” needs.

how the Revolv works is much like a capable universal remote control like the Logitech Harmony. it basically lets you create on-demand actions for the compatible wireless devices and the system will take it from there. the set action could be a routine of sort, say for example, ‘chill out’ may initiates a sequence of turning up your Sonos to a pre-selected playlist, cranks up the temperature, set the lights to ambience, and even fire up the fireplace. which means no more fumbling with multiple apps to achieve the same result. which also means the Revolv has officially set the new bar for efficiency, or laziness, depending on how you look at it. a built-in GeoSense Proximity sensor automatically activates connected devices as you reach a pre-set geo-radious to and from your home, such as locking your dock and turn the lights off as you move away from the house, or turns up (or down) the temperature, switch on the porch light, and even have the Sonos spinning your favorite playlist as your approaches the house.

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and with seven wireless radios speaking ten different wireless languages, including WiFi, Z-Wave and Insteon, plus more protocol to be supported, ensures that the Revolv will be compatible with the growing number commercially available devices. the Revolv Smart Home Solution is truly the one smart device that rules them all. well, that’s quite literally, isn’t it? at $299 a pop, the Revolv Smart Home Solution is surprisingly not quite overpriced, considering what it is capable of. check out a humorous product intro video after the break and tell us you are not impress at all.

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