The Security And Privacy Of Smart Homes: Improve The Convenience

We live in an age where technology is taking over the world. With so many innovations comes a unique one – smart homes. These homes connect to the owners’ devices, and they can access them anywhere. You can turn on the heat or the radio in your apartment and do many other things while not …

Why Smart Homes Will Be Our Future

According to The Eco Experts, there are approximately 2.22 million smart homes in the UK. Rapid technological developments have seen smart homes surge in popularity in recent years, with the scope of their capabilities broadening all the while and more and more high-end products coming on the market. But what exactly are they, what benefits …

This Device Detects Water Leaks And Burst Pipes, Auto Shut-off The Water Mains

Water leaks and burst pipes are common in landed homes. With leaks and burst pipes costing some households as much as US$10,00 in damages, you don’t want to be the receiving end of this unnecessary bill. This is where AquaPal by Wasserstein Home aims to help.

SmartEgg Pro Is More Than A Universal Remote, It Lets You Handle Home Automation Too

Universal remote is not new, but here’s one that will rule them all. Coming from Singapore-based AICO Tech is a universal remote and a WiFi smart home control called SmartEgg Pro.

This Futuristic Nightstand’s Entire Surface Is A Wireless Charging Pad And It’s A Cooler Too

Forget about traditional bedside table, aka nightstand. If you want to go all-out high-tech, you should take a look at the Comet Smart Nightstand. A product of startup, Comet Home, led by ex-Apple engineers and product designers, this nightstand is packed with high-tech features.

New Tech That Will Change Our Behaviors

Tech moves at lightning speeds. If you blink, you might just miss a Bitcoin investment opportunity, a new virtual reality game or the latest robot to do the housework. But what new tech will change our everyday behaviors in 2020 and beyond? Well, here are our forecast:

This Little Curtain Robot Will Turn Any Curtain Into A Smart Curtain

This is SwitchBot Curtain. It might just be one of the greatest tech to have emerged in 2019. How so? It turns any curtain smart in literally seconds. All you have to do is retrofit this little guy on your curtain rail and you are all set to control you curtain using your voice, your …