Introducing IKEA Smart Home Enabled Smart Blinds, FYRTUR

If there’s one furniture maker that will keep up with time, it would be IKEA. The Swedish flatpack furniture maker is progressive, getting into wireless charging and connected lighting products early on, and now, it is dishing out smart home-ready blinds too. Called IKEA FYRTUR Smart Blinds, it features an opaque fabric to effectively stop […]

Relationship Apocalypse Begins With Gateway Virtual Home Robot

It has been a while. It was on pre-order started two years ago and it is now finally available to the masses. We are talking about the kinda sad gadget from Gatebox called Gatebox Virtual Home Robot. The name sounds harmless enough, but this ‘robot’ is in fact a virtual wife of sort (yes, you […]

Microsoft Brings Cortana To Thermostat Via Johnson Controls

Windows Mobile which originally touts Cortana may have died, but this voice control technology from the Redmond software giant continues to live on, more recently, on a la-Amazon Echo Harman Kardon speaker. Prior to that, the software juggernaut has also introduced Cortana to another home IoT device and it was a climate control system, AKA […]

These Smart Switches Will Save You The Hassle Of Changing To Smart Bulbs

I will be honest here. I am not very familiar with smart lighting, but one thing I know is, if you are going to replace every single bulb in your home with smart bulb, it is going to cost you, like a lot. That’s not including the inevitable blown light bulb down the road. This […]

A Zelda-worthy Home Is One That’s Zelda Ocarina Controlled

No. This isn’t a Zelda edition of the Amazon Echo. Though it will be cool if it was. This is the heart to the Zelda Ocarina Controlled Home Automation by Allen Pan AKA Sufficiently Advanced, and yes, Pan is the same man behind the ‘real’ working Mjolnir hammer and the real-life light saber. As you […]

Gatebox Virtual Home Robot Has The Potential To Be Like The Real-Life Her

Spike Jonze’s sci-fi drama Her (Annapurna Pictures, 2013) offers a grim insight into how tech can affect us emotionally. It tells of a story about a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with an highly intelligent operating system and eventually falling in love with ‘her’. The notion behind Her sounds farfetched, but sadly, nothing […]

Elgato Eve Light Switch Lets You Use Siri To Turn Your Lights On And Off

Forget about clapping your hands to turn on the lights. That’s so passé and so impractical. Seriously, can you imagine clapping becomes forbidden in your own home for fear of turning on or off the light for no reasons? Well, with the Elgato Eve Connected Light Switch there’s no such worry because you will be […]

This Is Zenbo, ASUS’s First Robot Who Wants To Be Your Family’s Butler

ASUS is well known for computers and mobile devices, but little did we know that the Taiwanese company has plan beyond run-of-the-mill consumer electronics, or should we say, going beyond inanimate products. Over the weekend, at Taiwan’s biggest computer and electronics show, Computex, ASUS shown off its very own robot, a cute little thing called […]

LG Unveils IoT Hub, K Series Handset and Eye-watering HDR 4K TV

We try to avoid CES every year. Why? Because, a show like this never fail to remind us that we have to work triple hard to own all the delightful gadgets and as you might have guess it, LG is one of the biggest “culprit” that would make us exclaim ‘this is why we are […]