Forget about traditional bedside table, aka nightstand. If you want to go all-out high-tech, you should take a look at the Comet Smart Nightstand. A product of startup, Comet Home, led by ex-Apple engineers and product designers, this nightstand is packed with high-tech features.

Comet Smart Nightstand

Putting aside the unmistakable Apple-ish look, the Comet Smart Nightstand is really what it looks like: a futuristic piece of device/furniture. How futuristic, you ask? Well, the entire surface is a huge-ass wireless charging pad.

Absolutely bonkers. That means, no more messing with the many charging pads for every device that you own. Just plonk them down on Comet Smart Nightstand and they are topped when you wake up the next morning.

The best part is, no more aiming and making sure the devices are placed right to get the juice flowing. Now, that is the future. Well, the future, other than the true wireless, wireless charging.

Comet Smart Nightstand

The table comes with a beautifully integrated, presumably touch-enabled display, that, thanks to the seamless integration with IFTTT devices, puts control of room temperature, curtains, speakers, lights, locks and more, within arm’s reach.

Strangely, the developers at Comet Home decided you should have a cooler by your bed too. Comet Home said that the cooler is not just for beverage, but also for other necessities that need cooling, such as your beauty products.

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The Comet Smart Nightstand will also wake you up with its smart alarm, relay essential information even before you leave the bed, and when the night falls, it will keep you relax with ambient light and soothing music pumped out through its integrated speaker.

Comet Smart Nightstand

Finally, there are motion sensors that will detect your feet in low-light condition and activate gentle ambient lighting, so you won’t fumble in the dark.

Wait a minute… as we read further, Comet Smart Nightstand is essentially the bedside version of the Coosno Refrigerator/Coffee Table Hybrid, is it not?

Anywho… While Comet Smart Nightstand is no doubt an ambitious product, it ain’t no concept. The folks over at Comet Home is bringing it to the market and it will be doing so through Indiegogo on August 1st, 2020. We do not know how much it will cost, but if you are really keen, then may we suggest you sign up with Comet Home to secure access to “50% VIP discount” HERE.

Comet Smart Nightstand

Images: Comet Home.

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