Who needs a self-driving fridge or a remote controlled R2-D2 fridge/projector when there is a coffee table that is also a refrigerator? The Coosno is exactly that. It is a smart coffee table and refrigerator hybrid that negates the need to walk to the kitchen for drinks when you needed one when on the couch. Actually, TBH, to call it a coffee table/fridge hybrid is an insult. It is way more.

Coosno Refrigerator Coffee Table Hybrid

Coosno is more than just a fancy fridge with convenient rotating carousel that holds up to 68 cans of beer; it is also a Bluetooth speakers for wireless audio streaming, a LED tabletop for, you know, flashing party lighting to get everyone into the mood, and it is also a wireless charging station too. Speaking charging, wireless charging is not it either; it has built-in outlets catering to your laptop, smartphone and other devices too.

With the coffee table you will find a discreet, cleverly integrated power strip with two power outlets, 3.5 mm audio jack as well as a pair of USB 3.0 ports. And then there’s, of course, the definitive future tech: voice support that lets you to use voice to command the cooler to pop up or wind down. Plus it has built-in Google Assistant, so you can get info like weather, traffic condition and whatnot all without lifting a finger.

I can’t be only one who felt that the Coosno is straight out of a sci-fi movie and with that said, a little skeptical if it will materialize (keeping in mind it is a crowdfunded product).

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Coosno Design is current taking in pre-order via Indiegogo where you, if so choose to, can secure a unit for $329-419. In meantime, you can learn more in pitch video below.

Images: Coosno.

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