you know what gets us excited? innovations. and do you know what’s makes innovation even more appealing? accessibility. the SONTE WiFi Digital Shades has all the aforementioned which is why we are so ‘worked’ up, well, in a good way though. so what is a SONTE WiFi Digital Shades? it is a special film, one that offers UV protection, that anyone can retrofit to their existing windows and thereafter, allowing the users to instantly turn those windows from opaque to transparent and vice versa using a free smartphone app available to both iOS and Android devices, over WiFi. that pretty much sums up what the SONTE is. the beauty here is simplicity. all you need is to measure and cut the film to size, stick the film to the windows (it has a self-adhesive backing), connect up the quarter-sized proprietary conducting clip, along with a WiFi-enabled transformer, and you are all set.

once installed, changing your windows from transparent to opaque and vice versa is just a touch away. additionally, when a window is in its opaque state, it can also doubles as a projection screen. which means, this innovative film is totally suitable for the boardroom too. first made waves at the International CES 2013 earlier this year, the inventor of the SONTE WiFi Digital Shades has brought the project to Kickstarter, seeking to raise a cool $200K to fund the development and production. you can show your support by making a pledge of $219 or more to get a piece of the action. of course, there are other reward levels to go for, so head on down to SONTE’s Kickstarter page to see which fits your needs best. in the mean time, we have a couple of videos to share with you, which you can find below.

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