U-Socket USB Wallplug – power outlets with USB ports

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(credit: via ThinkGeek) U-Socket USB Wallplug | US$24.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

there are probably tons of things that needs to be charged and i am guessing a least half those charges over USB. i often thought why can’t our power outlets come with USB ports as well and free us from the bulky adapter that manufacturer was kind enough enough to supply us? well, ThinkGeek just made that dream comes true by giving us the U-Socket USB Wallplug.
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i guess the name pretty much give away what this gadget is about. yes, it is your regular double power outlet with the added goodness of two USB ports. the tiny transformers built into these power outlets squeezes out 2.1 amps to each USB ports, letting you charge your USB-powered devices without the need for the manufacturer supplied adapter. apart from the convenience, you will free-up your power outlet for other gadgets that really need it. i don’t see what’s not to like about this, except for the need to get your hands dirty to do the installation or you could spend some money to get some qualified person to do it.

the U-Socket USB Wallplug cost $24.99 a pop and are available from our favorite store, ThinkGeek. the downside is, this is made for US 110v only households, hence they are only good for the U.S. and Canada. anywhere else, we can only read in envy. seriously, that’s precisely what i am doing.

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