Torras PowerCloud: The World’s First Power Strip With PD Fast Charging Technology?

If you are a person who prefer to have the power strip on your desk, then you are going to love the Torras PowerCloud. Torras PowerCloud is a power strip and a USB hubs rolled into one. And it is not just not any USB hubs. It stakes claim as the world’s power strip with […]

HuntKey Brings Power Strip With 12 Surge Protected Outlets And 3 USB Ports To The U.S.

What good is a power strip if does not protect the equipment that are plugged to it? This is the rationale behind HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip which protects not one, not two, but all 12 American standard outlets onboard. 12! TBH, I can’t remember the last time we see a power strip with this […]

Meet The First In-Wall Charger, The Legrand radiant Wireless Charger

Wireless charging, unlike traditional outlet or USB charging, is not exactly in-wall-friendly, but that does not stop French outlet and switch maker Legrand from introducing the first-to-market in-wall wireless charger. Dubbed radiant, it holds and charges any Qi wireless-enabled wireless charging smartphone. Now, wireless charging pad is so called because, it needs to be lie […]

This Classy Outdoor Canopy Aims To Provide Free Electricity To Your Home

You have a yard (back or front) and you need a shade for the outdoor, so why not leverage on it (the shade) to create free electricity for your home? Sure, you can cover your entire roof with Tesla Solar Roof, but the initial cost of investment is not for everyone. So, before you have […]

Bid Farewell To Screwing Light Bulbs With This Magnetic Light Bulb Socket

There are quite a few things in life that we learned to accept as they are. Twisting light bulb when it calls for a change is one of them, but that’s until now. Meet Magbulb, an innovative light bulb accessory that will turn any light bulb into a magnetic light bulb, by the virtue of […]

These Smart Switches Will Save You The Hassle Of Changing To Smart Bulbs

I will be honest here. I am not very familiar with smart lighting, but one thing I know is, if you are going to replace every single bulb in your home with smart bulb, it is going to cost you, like a lot. That’s not including the inevitable blown light bulb down the road. This […]

Hand & Craft’s Bespoke Concrete Power Supply Kit Beckons To Be Seen

The truth about wireless is, it will never be truly wireless. Since your home can’t really break free from cables and all that, lest Disney has its way, why not reveal them in all its glory? You can start with Hand & Craft bespoke power supply solutions. Mind you, what this Rockford, Michigan company turn […]

Chargeworx TV-Powering Home Battery Is Outdoor-friendly Too

I am not going to lie. I have not heard about Chargeworx prior to today, but I must say the company’s rechargeable backup battery for home has captured our attention. Call me superficial, or whatever, but I can’t deny its looks had my attention. Come’on, you gotta to admit the cute form coupled with digital […]

Elgato Eve Light Switch Lets You Use Siri To Turn Your Lights On And Off

Forget about clapping your hands to turn on the lights. That’s so passé and so impractical. Seriously, can you imagine clapping becomes forbidden in your own home for fear of turning on or off the light for no reasons? Well, with the Elgato Eve Connected Light Switch there’s no such worry because you will be […]

Will Tesla Powerwall 2 And Solar Roof Become Threats To Utility Providers?

A year after the introduction of electric power suppliers’ worst nightmare, the Powerwall Home Battery, Tesla is at it again, these time doubling electric power suppliers’ nightmare by two fold. Not did it introduced a higher capacity home battery, aptly called Powerwall 2, Tesla also unveiled roof tile-replacing solar panels called, well, Solar Roof. The […]