The truth about wireless is, it will never be truly wireless. Since your home can’t really break free from cables and all that, lest Disney has its way, why not reveal them in all its glory? You can start with Hand & Craft bespoke power supply solutions. Mind you, what this Rockford, Michigan company turn is not your run-of-the-mill white power strips. The built-to-order power solutions offered by Hand & Craft are of unexpected forms and materials, including the likes of metal, wood in cute little blocks. Normally, a power supply kit that is in the form of block is a design disaster, but with clever use of non-usual materials made all the difference.

Custom Concrete and Marble Power Supply Kits by Hand & Craft

It attracts me even more when it has come to our attention that Hand & Craft also does hand-molded concrete power solution kits, as well as in material that is often associated with opulence: marble. The concrete item had all my attention because, concrete. Called HEARTH, this particular power supply is presented in the silhouette of a house and in concrete, obviously, which is subtle nod to the material commonly used to construct a house. The concrete house is then finished with thin wooden base that keeps the raw concrete from marring the surfaces it sits on.

Custom Concrete and Marble Power Supply Kits by Hand & Craft

And then there’s the MONUMENT, a stunning polished marble clad power supply unit that beckons to be out in the open. Whichever power supply kit you pick from Hand & Craft catalog, each and everyone of them features a single electric outlet (U.S. standard, naturally) and two USB ports. Granted that there’s nothing special about this electrical supply configuration, but with Hand & Craft’s custom power supply kits, it will be probably the first time in your life that you want a power supply to be seen out in the open. No doubt they will be the conversational pieces, even more than your soon-to-be iPhone X or Google Pixel 2, really.

Hand & Craft bespoke power supply solution is, like I said, made-to-order and therefore, expect some wait, or two weeks to be exact, in the delivery department and there are not cheap either. Prices range from $175 for pieces like the HEARTH to as much as $245 for the MONUMENT.

Custom Concrete and Marble Power Supply Kits by Hand & Craft

Custom Concrete and Marble Power Supply Kits by Hand & Craft

Images and source: design milk.

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