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Hand & Craft’s Bespoke Concrete Power Supply Kit Beckons To Be Seen

The truth about wireless is, it will never be truly wireless. Since your home can’t really break free from cables and all that, lest Disney has its way, why not reveal them in all its glory? You can start with Hand & Craft bespoke power supply solutions. Mind you, what this Rockford, Michigan company turn is not your run-of-the-mill white power strips. The built-to-order power solutions offered by Hand & Craft are of unexpected forms and materials, including the likes of metal, wood in cute little blocks. Normally, a power supply kit that is in the form of block is a design disaster, but with clever use of non-usual materials made all the difference. Continue reading Hand & Craft’s Bespoke Concrete Power Supply Kit Beckons To Be Seen

Titan Concrete Bluetooth Speaker Is Set To Deliver 60W Of Audio With Style

I am not going to lie. I have this thing for all things concrete and so when Utopia Audio Titan Handmade Concrete Bluetooth Speaker pops up on our radar, I knew I had to share it with everyone. With Titan, Utopia Audio joins the handful of companies and individuals who are bold enough to explore the use of this super tough composite material for music reproduction. That being said, the concept concrete speaker is not new at all, but still, for those who love all-thing concrete, or for those who are in the quest for super cool and unique speaker, it is certainly worthy of a look. Continue reading Titan Concrete Bluetooth Speaker Is Set To Deliver 60W Of Audio With Style

Aplomb XL Concrete Hanging Light: Concrete Can Be This Classy?

Concrete is a material which you either love it or hate it. However you may loath the look of concrete, it is part our life and a thing you have to learn to live with, but for those who love it as much as we do, then you will be glad that this world is not lacking of all things concrete. We have seen quite a handful ourselves here and it ranges from innovative paper concrete lamp to concrete expresso machine to speakers, and today we stumble yet another example, the Aplomb XL concrete hanging lamp designed by Italian studio LucidiPevere for lightning company, Foscarini. Continue reading Aplomb XL Concrete Hanging Light: Concrete Can Be This Classy?

Paper-Concrete Composite Looks Like Concrete But Without The Heft

I am not going to lie. I have this special affinity for concrete. The industrial flavor projected by any concrete object is, to me, very calm and zen-ish. But this kind of cool is not for everyone, partly, anything that you can think of, if made by concrete would be impractical as the object would be heavy and brittle. However, those cons would be non-issue for the Dome Lamp created by Budapest-based artist Rita Koralevics. Simply called Dome+ lamps with bamboo, it looks like they are made out of concrete, but they are not the concrete you imagined. Continue reading Paper-Concrete Composite Looks Like Concrete But Without The Heft

These Are Real Working Espresso Machines Made of Concrete and Kitchen Countertops Material

I am sure there are good reasons why espresso machines are mostly made of steel, but hey, there’s no harm in exploring the use of other materials too, right? I mean, what could go wrong? And that’s precisely what South Berkeley, California-based design studio Montaag has done: they went beyond the traditional material like stainless steel and opt to go with vintage compositions like concrete, corian, quartz, brass and even teak. Teak for a coffee maker is unheard of, much less heavy weights like concrete and stuff usually found its use in kitchen countertops. Along with the raw and unorthodox materials, the Anza Espresso Machines also boasts an exceedingly minimalist aesthetic – none of the complex stuff you see in today’s espresso rigs. Continue reading These Are Real Working Espresso Machines Made of Concrete and Kitchen Countertops Material

Luna iPhone Case

Your phone is, let’s face it, your most commonly used accessory and seldom will a minute go by where it isn’t residing in your hand, checking your tweets or updating your Instagram feed. With this in mind, it is important to make your smartphone as dapper as possible and we’re wiling to wager you’ll not find many better covers for an iPhone than one of these, frankly superb, Luna iPhone Cases from The Coolector Store. Continue reading Luna iPhone Case

Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype

we can’t attest to the sound quality of this pair of Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype, but as far as looks go, we can’t deny that it is a real looker and something of a conversational piece. naturally, the concrete here is not quite the concrete with large aggregate as used for buildings, but it is of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) in a very sculpture-like shape (actually, the shape was molded out of melamine bowls) and as you can see, it has wood material where the titanium cone full-range driver is seated and also at the back, where the audio terminals can be found. each pair is handcrafted by Etsy seller The Makerage and capable of delivering up to 50W of audio power. concrete is actually a great material for speaker enclosure as it is structural stiff and damps out vibrations efficiently. the only downside is, it is quite a heft to deal with, but that said, the heft could be an advantage in stabilizing the speakers too. anyway, you can request a custom order if you don’t fancy the shape The Makerage is offering. in any case you want a piece of this, expect to shell out a cool $499 for a pair. Continue reading Designer Concrete Speakers: Prototype

Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

except for transportations, what else can’t be cast in concrete? we are obliged to think that most thing can indeed be cast in concrete; we have seen enough, ranging from speakers to writing instrument to foosball table to induction charger, to come to this conclusion and now, there is the concrete dock for iphone too. it sounds like a logical development as concrete are robust and heavy, which makes it well suited, if not the choice material, for an iPhone dock. developed by German design studio hardwrk, the concrete dock for iPhone, aptly dubbed Massive Dock, is hand cast using a complex procedure to achieve a high degree of density, fitment and impeccable finish. each dock is inspected by hand, polished, cured and sealed to avoid impurities. Continue reading Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls

there are a lot Bluetooth speakers out there that did not specifically says they are portables, but yet by their sizes, you know you could if you wanted to transport it around. however, we can say the same for this novel (and in our opinion, pretty exciting) P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls. the official product name didn’t quite say much, but the P.A.C.O. is actually an open-source speaker and for most part of what you can see, are cast in concrete. using a combination of hardy concrete and “softer’ wood (in this case, it is Fir that was used), the P.A.C.O. turned out to be aesthetically pleasing, with the wood providing a softening effect by adding a little bit of warm, both in sound and in feel, to an otherwise cold material like concrete. the solid harmonic wood helps to diffuse the sound over 360 degrees while the concrete on its part, enhances the deepness of bass. Continue reading P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker with Gestural Controls

Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers

concrete is not exactly a luxury material, but it is nevertheless synonymous with manliness and have an unexplainable raw appeal. concrete never stops curing – it grows stronger as time passes and provides a strong structure that doesn’t vibrate unless there’s some artillery shelling going around. thus, it becomes the logical material of choice for the housing of the German-made Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers. being concrete means not only there will be no resonance to distort the sound, it is also hefty enough as a tranquil base. using a special high-strength concrete, the N1 enclosure is cast out as one piece with no joints or whatsoever. on the inside, this monolithic structure is lined with different sound-dampening materials to eliminate reflections which rounds up the acoustic department of this heavy weight audiophile loudspeakers. Continue reading Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers