If you have following this blog, you would have noticed that we have a soft spot for all things concrete. That said, when we come across this custom concrete electric guitar by Crafted Workshop, my mind was pretty much blown into smithereens. Immediately, this goes into the ‘it-would-be-a-crime-not-share’ category and so here it is, folks, the concrete guitar.

Concrete Electric Guitar by Crafted Workshop

The guitar you see here has a body made entirely out of cement and boy, isn’t it a gorgeous work of art. While it is gorgeous, it is not perfect because, only the body is of concrete; the neck and head aren’t.

Then again, that would be too dang heavy and that’s not to mention, a concrete neck would be too fragile. Concrete is strong, but it is brittle without other form reinforcements and generally speaking, brittle isn’t good for the relatively long and narrow neck.

Concrete Electric Guitar by Crafted Workshop

Speaking of weight, this handsome concrete work of (musical) art is rock solid (pun totally stole from Crafted Workshop) and weighs a hefty 19.2 lbs (8.7 kilograms). That’s a lot of weight there for something that would be pulling down on your shoulder. But who cares? It looks absolutely beautiful.

The Concrete Electric Guitar was a custom project by Crafted Workshop and it was in the making for many months. If you are interested, you have a look at the entire process in the video embedded below.

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Images: Instagram (@craftedworkshop)/YouTube (Crafted Workshop).

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