BOAZ ONE Modular Guitar: Own 50 Guitars Without Needing An Entire Room To Store Them All

Sometimes, the pickup configuration alone would result in a guitar player accumulating a boatload of guitars. With the BOAZ ONE Modular Guitar, however, you may just be able to curb your guitar acquisition syndrome for good. It is one guitar that has all your favorite styles, from Les Paul to Stratocaster to Telecaster, covered. All […]

Super Limited Edition, Crazy Awesome Godzilla Guitar Is Up Grab In Japan

We hardly do electric guitar here, but when we do, you can be sure it is going to blow your mind, well, mostly. Anyways, such is the case with this crazy awesome ESP Godzilla Guitar Awakening Version. Originally designed for Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and the frontman of Japanese rock band THE ALFEE, Takamizawa Toshihiko, […]

Check Out John Oates’ Custom Light-emitting Fender Electric Guitar

Here’s a piece of news both petrol heads and guitar heads will want to hear about. John Oates, one half of Hall & Oates who have recently received a custom 1960 356 from Emory Motorsports, is setting up a “Cars of the Rock Stars” exhibit at the 2019 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. The exhibition, which […]

Built-in Speaker Lets You Play This Electric Guitar Whenever, Wherever

Whether you are a busker who love to show off your axe-shredding skill to random strangers, or a musician who have sudden outburst of inspiration in the oddest places, I think the GuitarmaDillo Self-amplified Electric Guitar by ElectroPhonic is the musical instrument of choice for you. I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t it be? Imagine an […]

Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster: It’s An Electric Acoustic Telecaster! ’nuff Said

The glitz and glamor of a rock star is one thing, the hassle of switching guitars for acoustic and electric sound is another. I tell you what: keep the glitz and glamor, but skip the guitar switching with this: Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster. Yes, it is an electric acoustic stringed axe, but this ain’t no […]

Dude Created A Custom Electric Guitar With 1200 Colored Pencils

One-of-a-kind electric guitars are not new. We have seen some pretty impressive custom guitar bodies thus far. No. Flying V isn’t one-of-a-kind guitar, but cardboard, “molten lava,” and skateboard guitar bodies are, and so is this: 1200 colored pencils guitar body. Redditor (Rockmann1), Imgur user (flyjumper) and YouTuber Burls Art has built himself a Fender […]

An Italian Company Wants To Put A Synthesizer On Your Wrist For $540

Just when we thought pocket-size is the smallest a synthesizer can get, one Italian company called Audioweld (who has watchmaking background, btw) takes synthesizer to the next level of small. How small? Well, it is small enough to be worn on the wrist and hence the name Synthwatch. Synthwatch has a functional seven-key keyboard, thus […]

Teenage Engineering Takes Synthesizer To Next Level With OP-Z

Three years in the making, Teenage Engineering’s newest multimedia synthesizer and sequencer, OP-Z, is finally ready. A follow up to the Swedish company’s first portable all-in-one OP-1 released six years ago, OP-Z is the first stand-alone 16-track sequencer that lets you pull off synchronized live composition of music, visuals, and lights, and doing so while […]

Ava Is Not Your Usual Ukulele. It’s Electric And Very Unusual Looking

Forget about Google Translator. It is said that wherever you go, music is the universal language. So, pack your huge-ass piano and hit the road because, you are about to connect with people. Oh, not really. You can’t pack a piano, can you? You could go the iPad way, or guitar sounds good too, but […]

Singing Furby Organ Is Definitely Way More Creepier Than Mogwai

I am sure you are familiar with Furby toys. The adorable “intelligent” toy creature from Tiger Electronics that has an uncanny resemblance to the what was.once a nightmare to children, making them too afraid to let their mum wash their soft toys. Fast forward a few decades later, the cute-turned-menace is back to haunt the […]