If you live and breathe rock music, and electric guitar, then you would have heard of “Greeny”, the most iconic original Les Paul Standards ever made. “Greeny” stood out with a unique sound that is as recognizable as the guitar itself, made even more distinctive partly from the out-of-phase middle switch position due to the neck pickup’s reversed magnetic polarity.

Epiphone Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard

Sound aside, few guitars are as illustrious as “Greeny”. It was first owned by Peter Green who used it through his time with Fleetwood Mac. Later Green would sell it to Gary Moore who then used it for 30 years with Thin Lizzy and as a solo artist. “Greeny” eventually found its way to Kirk Hammett, the legendary lead guitarist of Metallica. It is one guitar that is handled by three legendary which makes it a sought-after guitar.

But here’s the thing. There’s no way you can take “Greeny” away from Kirk. There’s good news though. Kirk Hammett has partnered with Epiphone to recreate Kirk’s legendary original so that players will have the opportunity to experience some of the magic of “Greeny” for themselves.

Epiphone Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard

Dubbed the Epiphone Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard, it features premium components, including Gibson USA Greenybucker pickups with the neck pickup reverse mounted and complete with a reverse polarity magnet to replicate the original “Greeny” unique sound.

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The electric guitar further boasts a Switchcraft pickup selector and 1/4” output jack, CTS potentiometers, Mallory capacitors, and Grover Rotomatic tuners with space-style buttons on a Gibson-style “open book” headstock. Rounding up the package is a vintage-style brown and pink hardshell case.

If you are down, the Epiphone Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard can be had as we speak for US$1,499 from epiphone.com.

Epiphone Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard
Epiphone Kirk Hammett “Greeny” 1959 Les Paul Standard

Images: Epiphone.

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