Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection

Music is a form of art. But it has recently become even more artsy, well, at least it is on the electric guitar front – thanks to Epiphone collaborations with TOOL’s Adam Jones. The guitar maker is celebrating 150 years of rocking the instrument world with a bang.

Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection

Epiphone has teamed up with Adam Jones from TOOL for a limited-edition treat: the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection. It’s a limited-edition lineup of seven seriously cool Les Paul Custom Silverburst guitars. And here’s the kicker – each one is decked out with artwork from five artists handpicked by Adam himself. So, if you’re into guitars and art, this is like a dream come true!

The latest reveal in this collection is a guitar featuring Mark Ryden’s “Queen Bee” artwork on the back. Mark Ryden’s stuff mixes pop culture with old-school painting techniques, making his art a wild ride of ‘Pop Surrealism.’

Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection

Now, for the guitar geeks: this Epiphone Adam Jones Les Paul Custom is a masterpiece itself. It’s got a bound mahogany body, a maple cap, and a neck made of maple with an Adam Jones custom profile. The fretboard? Ebony. And it’s rocking a reverse-mounted Epiphone ProBucker in the neck and a Seymour Duncan Distortion in the bridge, both tied to some high-quality potentiometers and capacitors. Plus, each guitar has a special back plate with the artist’s name and the artwork’s title.

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This beauty is a nod to Adam’s own 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom, finished in Antique Silverburst. And yes, it comes with a hardshell case to keep it safe.

If you’re itching to see these guitars, check them out at authorized Epiphone dealers or on their website. But remember, they’re in limited quantities, so they might be flying off the shelves! You can learn more about the Adam Jones Les Paul Custom Art Collection HERE and also check out the entire collection HERE.

Images: Epiphone.