Razer Unveiled New Prepaid Card Razer Card

When Apple introduced Apple Card. The rest of the tech industry just stand back and watched. Well, not anymore, because there’s Razer Card now. That’s right. Razer has a bank card now too.

Razer Unveiled New Prepaid Card Razer Card

Granted, Razer Card is not quite a credit card per se. It is a prepaid card aka debit card. The card is aimed at youth and millennials, and not surprisingly, is tied to gaming lifestyle.

Razer Card is a result of collaboration between Razer Fintech and Visa.

Users can sign up and use the virtual card with no subscription. But fans and gamers will definitely want to check out the optional Standard or Premium physical card. Yup. It totally has physical card too.

Like Apple Card, Razer has opted for a clean, minimal design – in black, of course – with no numbers. The card bears just the card holder’s name, a smart chip and a Razer three-headed snake logo. The latter is where sets the Premium card from the Standard card in design.

Razer Unveiled New Prepaid Card Razer Card

The Premium’s Razer logo will light up on payment. Snazzy. It is the world’s first card that lights up on payment.

The Razer Visa prepaid card aims to expand digital payments access to youth and millennials which I translates to encourage spending for people who previous can’t.

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The fact that the card is black, it makes it a reality to own a black card without being filthy rich. OK. I am sprouting nonsense here.

Anyways… the Razer Card will boast contactless payment technology and thus allowing card holders to user it to pay for transportation, buy movie tickets and whatnot.

Razer Unveiled New Prepaid Card Razer Card

With the card, you can make digital payments at over 61 million merchant locations around the world where Visa is accepted, including online and offline locations.

Perks include 1 percent cash back for all payment purchases, up to 5 percent on RazerStore and Gold purchases and with no minus spend and no capped limit. The latter is limited to prepaid card in Singapore, though.

Razer Card will first launch in Singapore. After which, it will be made available to other countries where Razer Pay is available – subject to local regulatory approvals, of course.

Meanwhile, Razer is rolling out beta testing for 1,337 users to experience Razer Card and get exclusive rewards. For more information on Razer Card and to sign up for beta users, you may visit razer.com.

Images: Razer.