Razer Introduces Haptic Feedback Gaming Chair And A Gaming Desk Concept

Razer’s concepts used to get us pretty pumped. But after so many concepts like the Project Christine, Project Valarie, Razer Eracing Simulator Concept, and more recently, Project Brooklyn not materializing, we are less than enthusiastic about Razer’s concepts.

Razer Partnered With Fossil For Limited Edition Razer x Fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch

Judging from the uncertainty of the third Razer Phone, it is safe to assume Razer may never have a smartwatch at all. But fret not fans of Razer who have longed for a Razer smart timepiece because there is one now. Well, kind of.

Razer X Genshin Impact Gaming Accessories, Including A Paimon-Themed Gaming Chair

These Razer x Genshin Impact gaming-related products may not grant you the power of Diluc but they will definitely announce your fandom for this highly popular RPG.

Razer Is Now Selling Cooling Fan For Smartphones – With RGB Lights, Of Course

We heard the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC gets heated up pretty quickly too. Heat is always going to be a problem with smartphones as engineers push the limit of CPU. Having said that, if the heat on your phone is getting on your nerves when you are gaming, Razer has the formal solution …

RESPAWN By Razer Teamed Up With Mars’ Wrigley Company For Mental Focus Gum

Remember RESPAWN? The mental performance drink mix by Razer, created to support the focus, session time, and mental stamina of gamers? The idea sounds good and all, but you can’t be taking time to take a sip in the middle of a heated virtual battle, can you?

Razer Introduces New Kaira X Gaming Headsets For PlayStation And Xbox

First-person-shooter games have changed the need for a good surround sound speaker to a pair of gaming headsets. To have an edge in FPS, it is imperative you heard every single footstep and noise in the game and the direction of the sound that matters to you.

Razer Barracuda X Multi-platform Wireless Gaming And Mobile Headset Announced

One more product from Razer before we get on with other news of the day. Joining Razer’s growing list of gaming headphones is a hybrid wireless gaming and mobile headset called Razer Barracuda.

Razer Updates Blade 17 Gaming Laptop With 11th-Gen Intel Chips

It’s long overdue, but it is here. Razer has just reveal the new Razer Blade 17 Gaming Laptops armed with the latest 11th-Gen Intel Core H-Series processors and featuring up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPU. It’s the first Blade 17 to tout Intel Core i9-11900H and thus, making it the most powerful Blade …