LighterBro Will Turn A Regular Bic Lighter Into A Handy Multi-tool

Think accessories, gadgets, fashion comes to mind. But lighters? Probably not. I know I won’t (associate lighter with accessories), but LighterBro is just exactly that. LighterBro is a sleeve/case contraption designed for Bic lighters that adds multi-tool function to it.

Must-Try Items For Increasing The Comfort Levels In Your Home

Having a comfortable home to relax in is essential to many of us. If anything, this is more important than ever, particularly when amid the colder winter months and having to spend more time than ever at home, in line with the current government guidance on Covid-19.

Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner: Emanating Smoke Will Make It Look Like It Is Functional

So, you are proud to own a replica of the Ghostbusters Trap, but is your Trap functional? Of course, it isn’t. But the good thing is, there is a functional version from Numskull your money can buy.

Supreme Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Includes A Mortal Kombat Arcade And A Chucky Doll

Another year, another slew of made for Supreme products. At this point, nothing from the king of collab is too outrageous or even surprises. The offerings have transcend those and have actually become rather novel.

Here Are Some Of The Products From The Upcoming LEGO x Levi’s Collaboration

The collaboration between LEGO and IKEA isn’t a stretch after all. Especially not after you have seen what the Danish toy maker has installed for you with a partnership struck between the company and American jeans maker, Levi’s. You heard that right. LEGO x Levi’s is a thing.

Redneck Backscratcher: A Backscratcher Shaped Like A Garden Rake. Need We Say More?

Itchy back. We all have it sometimes. Some more often than others. For those who have it more often, you’d wish someone is there always to scratch your back. But lets face it, not every time someone is there to have your back and so, forcing yourself to be a yoga master (or contortionist) is …

Here’s A FDA-Approved Solution To Fogged Glasses When Wearing A Face Mask

If you watch the science behind why we should wear a mask, you will know gaps around face masks allows virus-sized particles to escape, or enter. Not a good thing (that’s why physical distancing is equally important). Speaking of gap, that is also the very reason why glasses-wearing people get fogged glasses. It is absolutely …