HMD Pulse Series Smartphones

The HMD Pulse Pro is not even remotely close to being a flagship device but that does not mean its availability should not be celebrated, well, at least in HMD’s books, it should be celebrated. And Human Mobile Devices is doing so by partnering with London Fashion Week designer Sinead Gorey to launch ‘The Phonecore Collection’.

HMD Pulse Series Smartphones

Forget cottagecore, commutercore, gorpcore, and whatever core because there’s a new fashion aesthetic in town based around, well, a smartphone—specifically the HMD Pulse Pro smartphone. ‘The Phonecore Collection’ by Sinead Gorey is sure to turn heads with a pair of oversized (smart)phone-shaped sunglasses, a smartphone backpack, and a belt that holds your phone—all presented in the same shades as HMD Pulse Pro’s Glacier Green.

The Phonecore ‘Screen shades’ are loud, avant-garde shades that look straight out of the future. It is oversized because each lens mimics the vertical screen of a smartphone—albeit a little exaggerated in its height—and competes with black lenses mimicking the device’s screen.

Slapping a pair of smartphone silhouettes over your eyes is the wildest thing you can do in 2024. But it ain’t the wildest. You gotta pair it with a belt that holds the phone. A belt with a phone holder is not new but the Phonecore Belt does not look like it is not from this timeline. The oversized belt looks like a cross between a toolkit belt and a fashion waistband—complete with a pouch for your lovely HMD Pulse Pro.

HMD Pulse Series Smartphones

If a thick belt is a little too avant-garde for your liking, you can choose to go with the Phonecore ‘Mobile backpack’. It is a small 3D-printed backpack that rides on the trend of mini bags—except that it can at least fit an HMD Pulse Pro. It is not just any backpack; it is semi-transparent and designed so that the device is upright, allowing you to take a swift hands-free selfie.

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The HMD x Sinead Gorey The Phonecore Collection will be dropping globally with a limited number of accessories available to the public. However, I did not find listed anywhere. Not on the HMD website, and not on Sinead Gorey either.

Images: HMD.