Sideshow Collectibles TRON: Legacy Rinzler Maquette

TRON Legacy Rinzler Maquette 900x600px
(photos: Sideshow Collectibles) Sideshow Collectibles TRON: Legacy Rinzler Maquette | US$324.99 |

in every fantasy sci-fi movie, there is the hero and then there’s the necessary villain, and it so happens that villain always look a whole lot cooler (not to mention their firearms), hence its memorabilia tends to look equally cool and collectable. however, i can’t say the same for TRON: Legacy, where evil CLU is no where as cool as his masked enforcer of The Grid. that’s perhaps the reason what make this limited edition Rinzler Maquette so awesome. created by Sideshow Collectibles, in partnership with Quantum Creation FX, this memorable masked enforcer is presented as a maquette that is individually painted and finished. it’s 1:4 scale gives it a towering 20-inch (508-mm) height and features LED light-up suit, base, and identity disk. it is said that this maquette is of limited edition, though Sideshow has yet to put a number to it. the TRON: Legacy Rinzler Maquette is open for pre-order for $324.99 via Sideshow Collectibles web store. check out a gallery of the Rinzler Maquette after the break.
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