ThreeZero Announced Chainsaw Man 1/6 Scale Action Figures, Pre-orders Happening Soon

If you think Good Smile Company’s Chainsaw Man figure is a little too toy-ish, there’s an alternative coming soon from ThreeZero. The toymaker has recently revealed that it will soon be offering the Chainsaw Man series of 1/6 scale articulated figures under its FigZero product line.

The Art Of Picking: Van Gogh by Po Yun Wang Collectible Parody Figure

This collectible is not for those who take life too seriously. I can’t imagine any serious person would be amused by Mona Lisa or The Girl with a Pearl Earring picking the nose. Probably not. Having said that, it is likely he or she will not be amused by a vinyl figure of Vincent Van …

By The Power Of [email protected]: Masters Of The Universe [email protected] Figures

Like Mattel’s Barbie doll, Medicom Toy’s [email protected] has assumed many identities and has seen countless collabs, including with 80s pop culture icon Transformers. Now, another pop culture icon from the 80s is set to join the ever-growing many faces of [email protected]: Masters of the Universe.

[email protected] Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% Is Loaded With Shredded Bills

3-way collab is not new. Even then, I never ceased to be confused about how so many entities can contribute to a product as simple as, say, the [email protected] Anyways, the [email protected] Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% is the latest Medicom Toy product that is a result of a triple collab.

KFC China’s Spring Festival Pokémon Super Family Meal Comes With A Pikachu Backpack

Since we are on the topic of KFC China, we would like to bring your attention to another promo that will make Pokémon fans outside of China green with envy. In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, KFC China has introduced a KFC Spring Festival Pokémon Super Family Meal which includes an adorable Pikachu-themed …

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338): An Icon In Architecture Immortalized In Bricks

Ever wanted to experience the idyllic life of living in the woods in a classic A-frame cabin surrounded by the wonder of nature but never get to do so because there are actual bills to pay? Well, here’s a more realistic alternative: the LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338).

NERF Dungeons & Dragons Blasters: Inspired By Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Well, what do you know? Hasbro has recently revealed NERF blasters inspired by Dungeons & Dragons in anticipation of the live-action movie adaptation, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. I know right. In the mystical world there are no guns to talk about but here were are, seeing Forgotten Realms’ blasters inspired by the dragons …