Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue: Strictly For Very Serious Fans With Deep Pockets

How to distinguish between casual collectors and serious collectors? A casual collector will probably not pay top dollars for a collectibles while a serious collector of, say, Ultraman, will not hesitate to drop US$609 equivalent for an Ultraman C-Type Painted Resin Statue by G3 you see here.

New Toys To Commemorate The Spider-Man Toei TV Series Include A Wearable Bracelet

Do you know there was a Japanese adaptation of Marvel’s Spider-Man in the 70s? The series was produced by Toei TV. Over 40 years on, the spirit of the Japanese live-action Spider-Man series lives on as some pretty cool toys.

Formula 1 Celebrates 70 Years Of Formula 1 With A Bunch Of F1 Merchandises

I will be honest. The reason I am featuring this is because, I think the 70 Years of Formula 1 logo is super cool. And also to let you folks know how a poster can costs nearly three times more than a F1 graphic t-shirt.

Bandai Celebrates 10th Years Of Ultraman Zero With A Watch And An Acrylic Plaque

Bandai is celebrating 10 years of Ultraman Zero with two new Ultraman Zero collectibles. Ultraman Zero first appears 10 years ago in December 2019 and so, technically, it is still celebrating his 10th anniversary.

Here’s The First Official Image Of LEGO Bespin Duel (Darth Vader Vs Luke Skywalker)

Fans of the original Star Wars should be really, really pumped to see the first official image of the upcoming LEGO 75294 Bespin Duel. You probably know that this set, which plays out the scene with the iconic line “No, I am your father”, is coming, but it is of late that we have the […]

G-Shock’s New Samurai Helmets-inspired MR-G Has A Brilliant Aged And Intricate Design

Frankly, I am numb by so-called special edition and collaboration products that has nothing by just a logo or two. But this, the G-Shock MRG-B2000SH Shougeki-Maru Watch, renewed my faith with special edition watch.

Bowmore x Aston Martin Black DB5 1964 Whisky Is As Exquisite As It Sounds

Drinking and driving don’t mix. But that does not mean a distillery can’t team up with an automaker. And team up Scottish distillery, Bowmore, and luxury sports car maker, Aston Martin did. The result of the collaboration is this: Bowmore x Aston Martin Black DB5 1964 Whisky.

2009’s Borderlands The Original Soundtrack Is On Double LP For US$35

If you are a major fan of 2009’s blockbuster video game Borderlands, you will be glad to know that you can own a piece of the originals soundtrack on wax. That’s right, folks. The Borderlands original soundtrack is now on the good’ol vinyl, just like any true collector’s music should be.