Shonen Ric Is Now Selling A Beautiful 1/4 Scale Audrey Hepburn As Holly Golightly Statue

I honestly do not know the demographics of our reader base, but I am pretty sure most folks hitting up our pages aren’t of the age to know about 1961’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn.

[email protected] Cookie Monster Costume Ver. Figure Gets A Coat Of Fur And Googly Eyes

Are you familiar know [email protected]? Since its introduction in 2001, it has taken on many forms, from collabs with fashion brands to collabs with pop culture characters to collaboration with artists. Whatever form it took , it is always limited to graphics or paint job.

Forget About Cel-Shading, This Guy Here Does Manga-style Repaint On Action Figures!

You know cel-shade? If you don’t know, there’s an example HERE. Cel-shading is a painting technique that replaces gradient with flat colors and shadows, thus making an object (mostly toys) looks like hand-drawn artwork seen in cartoons. Well, I say, forget about Cel-shading because, someone in China has taken cartoon-style repaint up a notch.

AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet Is The Closest You Will Get To The Real Deal

Here’s something that fans of big screen Iron Man may be interested. What you see here is the AutoKing Wearable Iron Man Mk5 Helmet. Make no mistake. This ain’t no Hasbro Marvel Legends series. In fact, it isn’t officially licensed at all, which is treading on a thin line.

Dr. Martens Collaborates With Medicom Toy For Latest 1460 Remastered

Marking 60 years since the debut of the now iconic Dr. Martens 1460 boots is this latest collaboration with Japanese toy maker Medicom Toy as part of the British footwear maker’s 1460 Remastered releases.

Celebrate 70 Years Of Peanuts With An Oversized Charlie Brown Vinyl Figure

You don’t need to be a big fan of Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts to appreciate this oversized vinyl figure of the lovable loser, Charlie Brown. Because, the Super7 Peanuts Big Charlie Brown Vinyl Figure is huge.

Playmobil Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion Playset. Awww… Still No Shaggy???

Having a Playmobil Scooby-Doo The Mystery Machine to push around is no fun without an adventure. And adventure is exactly what you will get with the Playmobil Scooby-Doo! Adventure in the Mystery Mansion Playset. This time, Fred and Daphne is joined by Scooby.

Volvo’s Largest Articulated Hauler Immortalized As A LEGO Technic Set

After the retirement of the LEGO Volvo sets, including the awesome set based on the LEGO x Volvo concept, we thought there’s never going to be another, but here it is, the LEGO Technic 42114 5×6 Volvo Articulated Hauler. I am surprised not many talked about it.

JAWS Lenticular Movie Posters: Iconic JAWS Poster Comes To Life!

If you are big fan of the Steven Spielberg’s JAWS, then you should already own at least one of the posters penned by legendary American artist Roger Kastel. There were a few versions of JAWS posters, but the most iconic one would the one featuring a lady swimming on the surface and the infamous Bruce […]