Transformers Masterpiece MPG-01 Trainbot Shouki Review (In Collaboration With Because Toys)

This is it, the first component of the first-ever Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Combiner, the MPG-01 Trainbot Shouki, is finally out in the wild. This particular toy is a big deal in the Transformers collectors’ world because, well, it is the first Masterpiece scale combiner. OK. Maybe it is not quite Masterpiece scale as you …

50 Years Of BMW M: BMW M Love Hardcover Book By Delius Verlag

In addition to introducing the BMW M4 CSL, the first-ever BMW M3 Touring, and a special BMW M 1000 RR to mark the 50 anniversary of BMW M GmbH, BMW has also partnered with German book publisher Delius Klasing Verlag for a very collectible coffee table book, BMW M Love (ISBN-13: 978-3667125348).

Tonka Teamed Up With Transformers For Tonka-themed G1 Devastator

Hot on the heels of the Transformers x G.I. Joe Bumblebee A.W.E. Striker x Lonzo is another crossover we did not see it coming, the Transformers Collaborative: Tonka Mash-Up, Tonkanator. The Tonkanator is essentially a Tonka version of the G1 Devastator.

LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218): Just Like The Real Deal But With Smaller Floor Area

If you are more of an architecture person even when it comes to Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe, then here’s the perfect, possibly iconic in the modern sense, architecture that will soon join your Avengers Tower and Daily Bugle buildings. Folks, this is the LEGO Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum (76218), Doctor Strange‘s habitat.

Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman) Is A Must-Have Prop For Ultra Fans

No Ultraman collection is complete without the Transformation Item, Beta Capsule. The Beta Capsule is a physical object the protagonist, Shin Hayata, uses to transform into the giant alien superhero. That said, being an ultra fan of Ultraman, you probably have a collection of the Beta Capsules and now, there is one more to add …

Hot Wheels’ Latest RLC Exclusive Is The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Attention fans of JDM (Japanese domestic market) automobiles. Hot Wheels’ next RLC (Red Line Club) exclusive is the holy grail of JDM, the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R. To JDM aficionados, this car is of significance. It is the last model to bear the Skyline namesake and the last of the GT-R to be powered by …

The first Products From The Collab Between Bandai And Takara Tomy Revealed

Crossover of properties from the same brand, such as in the case of Transformers x G.I. Joe, is without hurdle. So is a crossover between brands that aren’t in the same industry, such as in the case of BAPE and Mattel. However, collab or crossover is nearly impossible for rival companies in the same industry …

LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) Has A Quite A Handful Of Display Options

If you are a jazz person who has never gotten into LEGO, well then the new LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet (21334) may just get you hooked. The 1,606-piece set is a build-and-display set based on LEGO Ideas submission by Taiwan-based LEGO enthusiast Hsinwei Chi.

U-Treasure x Evangelion Spear of Gaius Ring

Planning to get wedded, Evangelion-style? While it is not possible to invite EVA Units to your wedding but there is a human-size Evangelion Unit 01 which could buy. Also, you can perhaps have your photo shoot at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park, or maybe even propose there with the U-Treasure x Evangelion Spear of Gaius …