Hyperrealistic Wonder Woman Statue Has Incredible Life-like Skin With Veins!

While others claim that this beautiful Wonder Woman Polystone Statue by Prime 1 Studio sold by Sideshow Collectibles looks like actress Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in Dawn of Justice (which this statue is modelled after, btw), we beg to differ, or at least, I beg to differ. However, that does not mean this […]

Hot Toys Outs Big-ass 1/12th Scale The Dark Knight Aircraft, The Bat

i used to be a big fan of Batman, until it became a little too dark for my liking, however, i can’t deny that when it ‘turns darker and gloomier’, it also comes with super cool crime-fighting toys like the Tumbler and more recently the super cool Bat aircraft, known as The Bat. the latter […]

R2-D2 Sixth Scale Figure Might Be Small, But It Is Loaded With ‘Gizmos’

well, what do you know? it is May the 4th, which means it is Star Wars Day and it also means we feel obligated to pick out the one best Star Wars collectible worthy of the attention of any devotees of the galaxy far, far away. we searched high and low, and dug deeper than […]

Life-size Han Solo In Carbonite Figure

with regard to the now legendary Han Solo in Carbonite stuff, you have to be either a huge Jabba fan or basically, loves Solo so much that you want the carbonite version of him to be part of your man cave. regardless of where you stand, you can now score yourself one Life-size Han Solo In Carbonite Figure…

Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth

Batman is never complete without his trusty stay-in-the-cave butler Alfred Pennyworth and so is your collection of Batman action figures and collectibles. speaking of which, you can take your The Dark Knight collection a step closer

Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Statue

Pacific Rim may not be a sellout in its home turf, but with some 400 millions in worldwide box office taking thus far, some parts of the movie certainly deserve to be immortalized like what Iron Man has been doted with all this while. speaking of immortalizing, what could be more awesome than having the stars of the show, specifically the nuclear-powered massive robot Gipsy Danger,

Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Collectible Diorama

what’s the next most iconic thing from the big screen Iron Man? we think that would be Stark’s workshop where he stashes all his armor suits. with the movie-accurate Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Collectible Diorama from Hot Toys, you can recreate Stark’s uber cool home workshop to complement your collection

G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes Sixth Scale Figure

no. what you see here is not a screenshot from the second big screen G.I. Joe flick, G.I. Joe Retaliation but a realistically sculpted 1/6th collectible figure of the character Snake Eyes. the G.I. Joe Retaliation Snake Eyes Sixth Scale Figure is the first collaboration between Hot Toys and Hasbro…

Iron Monger by Hot Toys

the first Iron Man movie is arguably the best and also the first to really to give the whole Marvel comic-to-live-action flick movement a jolt. what? did you mentioned Hulk or Daredevil? honestly, those just didn’t quite make the mark. anyway, the villain in the first Iron Man movie was pretty cool and memorable too, thanks in part to Jeff Bridges’ performance and of course, his uber cool…

K-3PO Life-Size Bust Prototype

question: how to you prove that you are a diehard Star Wars fan? answer: collect every single Star Wars collectibles available on the planet including one-off prototypes, like this K-3PO Life-Size Bust Prototype. put up for auction by Sideshow Collectibles for a charitable cause, the K-3PO is a highly detailed white…