Ways To Channel Your Photography Hobby

Photography is a very expressive form of art. You can do so much with it. Evoke a feeling, endue an image with meaning, make a point, or simply showcase something beautiful. Plus, it’s a relatively easy hobby to get into, considering we’re all carrying a camera in our pockets.

Ways To Channel Your Photography Hobby
Credit: Mike.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to capture more than the occasional selfie, we’ve got the guide from you. We’re going to break down the initial ways you can get into photography and the basics of getting started. Read on for all the details.

Print Them Out

A photo’s not worth anything solely in your phone. If you are proud of your work you’ll want to make a tangible copy of it to cherish. It will be what people remember of you when you’re gone and is the sum of your hard work now.

Head to www.mysocialbook.com to make yourself a collection of all your works in a photobook. You can store a lot of pictures there and display them in your home for everyone to enjoy.

Go Exploring

Chances are, if you have an interest in photography, you have an idea, if only a vague idea, of what you’re looking to shoot. The three main choices are environment, still life, and portraits. If you have some interest in capturing an environment, you’ll need to get out into the world. It won’t come to you.

So, your next step is deciding where you’re going to capture. Nature versus manmade is the main debate, although the best photos have some combination of the two. Take Stonehenge, for example. The intrigue of it is that we can’t tell whether it is manmade or natural, why anyone would make it if it is manmade, or how it was made if it’s natural.

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Going a long drive is good for nature, but real exploring might take more. A lot of the best things to find in nature are hidden away amongst the trees, whether that’s the wildlife or the landscape.

There is a similar idea to be said about the city. With so many people in it, it’s hard to find something new, but when you do, it’s like finding a jewel.

No matter where you go, though, you are looking to create something new. If you are taking pictures of the same spot the rat race passes to get to work, show a different perspective or tone.

Ways To Channel Your Photography Hobby
Credit: Mike.

Talk to People

Photography comes off as the introvert’s perfect hobby until they realize they’ll have to talk to strangers. And not just talk but instruct.

Instructing is an unavoidable and important part of the process. It means you can get the vision you want, and it will likely make a nervous “model” plucked off the street feel better about what they are doing. Once you’ve gotten over the initial awkwardness and flattery of asking to take a photo of someone, you might as well get the vision you were looking for.

If you’re not much of a street photographer, talking to people becomes less awkward but just as vital. Set design, costume design, and other elements allow you a lot of opportunities to collaborate, but there are conversations around credit, exposure, money, etc. 

Featured image: Unsplash (Japheth Mast).