Mini Pupper Open-Source ROS Robot Dog: It’s Like Spot, But Very Much Affordable!

Thanks to Xiaomi’s Cyberdog, robot dogs don’t need to cost an arm or a leg, or as much as a small car. Still, a grand and a half is still a lot for some aspiring roboticists and hobbyists.

LEGO Space Projects: 52 Creative Space-themed LEGO MOC You Can Build!

If you want to get creative with LEGO but don’t know where to start and you happen to love space-themed LEGOs, well then, the LEGO Space Projects 52 Creative Models (No Starch Press, ISBN-13: 978-1718501164) is just the LEGO literature for you.

How To Get Into Metalworking

Taking up a new hobby can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You can learn a new skill and spend time doing something just for you. Metalwork is a great hobby for those who like to create things and challenge themselves with new activities. If you are looking for a new project to work on, try …

Aquarium With Sunken, Algae-covers AT-AT Aquascape Is A Sight To Behold

I am confident that aquarium-loving, Star Wars fans will be enthralled by what Carly Thompson did to her 5 gallon Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium. While Thompson’s set up aren’t as extensive or lavish as those aquariums you have seen in Discovery’s Tank, it is still very much a sight to behold. Why? Because, Star …

What Is Spectroscopy And How Can You Learn More About It

The literal meaning of the word spectroscopy is looking into the world of spirits. It is made up of two words: Spectron, which is a Roman word that means ghost or spirit, and the Greek word Skopein, which means observe. As the world evolved, and so did people’s comprehension of everything around them, scientists reached …

Helpful Solutions For All Your Installation Needs: Home Improvements

Many people spend most of their time at home due to various reasons. Some already work from home, while others run their businesses from home as well. This is already made possible in these modern times. For this reason, you should ensure that your home is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be …

Father Made A Wooden Lamborghini Sian Kiddie Ride For His Son

Clearly, Vietnam-based woodwork artist ND Woodworking Art is not content with just scale wooden model of the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador S. The man recently took wood crafted car model to the next level: creating a wooden kiddie ride.

Someone Made A Jabba the Hutt Figure With Visible Anatomy And It Is Awesome

Many people are into Star Wars. But someone who specifically have a thing for the notorious Jabba the Hut from the original Star Wars trilogy? That has to be very, very rare. Mighty Jabba (@mightyjabbascollection) is one such rare person.