Planning To Get A Pet Bird? Here’s How To Prepare

Planning to get a pet bird? Whether you’re adding a new feathered friend to your home or are thinking about getting your first bird, there are some things you need to know before bringing your new pet home. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of what you need to do before getting a …

How To Choose The Right Equipment For Your Next DIY Project

Once you start doing your home improvement projects, it is time to think about the DIY equipment that is needed. There are hundreds of tools available for purchase or rent, but not all will be helpful for every project. If you want to save time and money, then understanding what types of equipment are best …

What Gear Do You Need To Have To Truly Enjoy Watersports Experience?

For experienced water sports enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like the thrill of getting soaking wet while engaging in adrenaline-filled activities. These guys and girls will already know what to bring and leave at home when they participate in their chosen sport.

Bandai Gundam White Rider Has A Crown That Looks Suspiciously Like A WiFi Router

Having an antenna or two on the head of a Gundam is almost customary. These “horns” are apparently a nod to the Samurai helmets and served as antennae and they are nothing out of the ordinary. But it begs the question: how many horns/antenna/fins are considered too much? I don’t know, perhaps eight? Because eight …

The Top Brain Boosting Hobbies

Hobbies are supposed to enrich our lives, they bring us joy, keep us occupied in the slower moments of our lives, and some of them even keep our brains active. Whilst hobbies like solving math problems, or playing chess are obvious contenders for boosting brain function, there are some other pastimes that do wonders for …

Want To Become A Successful Musician? Here’s Some Important Advice

Do you have a dream of becoming a successful musician? Whether it’s playing in front of an audience or being on the radio, anything is possible with hard work and dedication. However, there are some steps to take before you can get started. This blog post will give you important advice that will help your …

Watch Dude Built The Cockpit Of Mobile Suit Gundam Out Of Cardboard

There are many people who made things out of cardboard. We have seen a bunch, including the likes of Psycho-Pass Dominator Gun Prop, a Death Star model, and an Iron Man helmet – just to name a few. However, not many cardboard craftspeople did it like it is something money can buy. DanCreator / Cardboard …

This Howl’s Moving Castle Sculpture Looks Like It Has Jump Straight Out Of The Movie

You may mistake this Howl’s Moving Castle for a movie prop, except that Howl’s Moving Castle is an animation and uses no props. What you see here is a sculpture of the super cool walking castle created by the super talented model maker, Studson Studio.

Planning A Fishing Trip? Here Are Some Useful Tips

As the warmer months arrive, they provide the ideal conditions for catching fish, signaling fishermen to load their tackle boxes and head out to the waters to reel in those mackerels and flounders. However, the right planning and preparation play a key role in having a perfect fishing trip.

Zip Range Kit Will Turn Your Backyard Into A Shooting Range – If You Have The Space

The Zip Range Kit can turn your backyard into a 100-foot shooting range – if you have that kind of space – complete with a target retrieval system powered by your own battery-powered drill.