STARpler Spring Airsoft Gun by BoBo Innovation

Airsoft enthusiasts who are open to a spring Airsoft gun with a crazy sci-fi-ish aesthetic and an innovative firing mechanism may want to check out BoBo Innovation. Who is really behind BoBo Innovation is unclear but it has been dishing out some pretty cool projectile-shooting toy guns, including disc pistols, which you can 3D print and put together yourself.

STARpler Spring Airsoft Gun by BoBo Innovation

But its biggest creation, which is presumably still in development, is a spring Airsoft called STARpler. No. STARpler is not a staple-shooting contraption. It is a futuristic non-lethal (I think!) gun that oozes with Halo vibe. It not only has an irresistibly cool, sci-fi appearance; but it also touts an innovative firing mechanism.

It features what its creator called a trigger-primed blaster with “blowback” that allows for leisure single-action firing or a double-action firing, and doing so with realistic hammer action. The gun further boasts an illuminated sighting system, swappable barrels, a hop-up system, and multi-caliber compatibility.

STARpler Spring Airsoft Gun by BoBo Innovation

The swappable barrel allows swapping from shooting 6 mm BBs to shooting 13 mm foam darts as well as gel balls. The STARpler uses a snail magazine that uses a non-spring-powered ratchet system and holds 21 6 mm rounds. As seen in the demo video, this setup can unload all 21 rounds in a matter of seconds.

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You can find BoBo Innovation on Etsy and Cult3d where you can purchase STL files to make your own Airsoft/disc/foam dart blaster. Last checked though, the STARpler is not yet available to download.

TBH, I am not sure if BoBo Innovation will put it up for sale as a complete gun, or at least as a kit, or will it be available as STL files?

Images: YouTube (BoBo Innovation).