This Rubber Band Minigun Is Possibly The Most Accurate Rubber Band Minigun We Have Seen

Throughout the modern history of rubber band gun, there have been attempts to recreate the ultimate Gatling gun, AKA minigun. But, TBH, none has come to close to this Rubber Band Minigun by Weaponized T-Rex.

Marshmallow Crossbow Takes Marshmallow War To The Next Level

If you have been abiding by the childhood rule of ‘never play with food’ thus far, well, then this grown up toy will likely make you forsake that rule forever. What you see here is the MMX Vancouver Marshmallow Crossbow and as the product name implies, it is a crossbow that takes marshmallow as projectile. […]

Japanese Maker Made A Working Cardboard Grenade Launcher

One Japanese Twitter user by the handle of @ryuji_maker has made an awesome grenade launcher entirely out of cardboard and disposable wooden chopsticks for some minor decorations (namely, the hand grip). @ryuji_maker himself is not sure which real-life weapon he has modeled this after, but we really don’t care because, it freaking works.

Nature Launchers Made Slingshot Aesthetically Fun With Carved Animals

Personally, I don’t encourage kids to mess with slingshots. Slingshots are actually quite dangerous if handled irresponsibly. However, that does not stop us, grown ups, from having fun with it. The hardware itself is fun, but it hardly look ‘fun’, but that’s not the case with Nature Launchers Hand-carved Wooden Slingshots. Each Nature Launchers Hand-carved […]

Good News, Here’s A Mjölnir Everyone Can Lift, But The Size Might Be An Issue

It is said that only the worthy one will be able to lift the mythical Mjölnir, but with the Marvel Thor’s Hammer 4’ Oversized Foam Prop, you don’t need to be worthy or enchanted to wield it because, it has a real-world weight of mere 20 lbs (around 9 kilograms). Hell, even a kid could […]

Q Made A Cardboard Airsoft Landmine That Sends Out Fire And Smokes

I am not sure if a cardboard version of an airsoft landmine will be of any help in holding the fort in a paintball or NERF battle, but it sure looks like a fun addition. Created by the man who make all-things out of cardboard, The Q, the Cardboard Airsoft Landmine is unbelievably simple to […]

Guy Made A Pretty Damn Powerful Glock 19 Out Of Cardboard

Yes. It is Glock 19, complete with functional magazine, and it totally shoots. Perhaps most importantly, it is made mostly out of cardboard. You may have already heard of it, but for some of us here, it was a revelation. A realization that materials as simple as cardboard, papers, rubber bands, could replicate a real […]

How To Make A Functional Commando’s M202 FLASH-like Rocket Launcher

With a little ingenuity, pretty much anything can be turned into a weapon. Even cardboards – as proven by the incredibly talented YouTuber, The Q. The Q here is not quite the Q from Bond movies, but I am pretty sure if this dude is given the resources Q had in the movies, he will […]

This 3D-printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun Will Make You Look Like A Cyborg

Times may have changed, but rubber band gun remains a favorite among boys and dudes alike. That said, while keeping with time, modern rubber band gun need not to be made out of wood, neither does it need to be handcrafted. Why? Because we have 3D printers now and first-time Instructables member mdavisgtm aka Matthew […]

Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster: Zombie Slaying Starts From Young

Grown ups often talked about zombie apocalypse and how best to prepare ourselves. The truth is we probably won’t see such a calamity in our lifetime, but we can’t say the same for the generation that follows. This is why the Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster could be a sound toy weapon for kids to […]