ARMPAL Armor-1 Wooden Forearm Armor

Realtech proved that wood-made toys could be as fun and as sophisticated. Now, it has proven this point further with a new kit, the ARMPAL Armor-1. This time, instead of an excavator’s arm, it is a wearable toy reminiscent of the Iron Man Mark III suit’s forearm armor with a deployable missile.

ARMPAL Armor-1 Wooden Forearm Armor

However, instead of missiles, ARMPAL Armor-1 has a cannon kit first introduced with the ARMPAL Wooden Tabletop Game. It also uses hydraulic for actuation that, at a flick of the wrist, deploys the cannon and trigger system under the hand.

The cannon kit features ammunition with wooden “cartridges” and each cartridge has a soft foam “bullet” that you send downrange through spring action. After each shot is fired, the “spent” cartridge will eject out of the wooden gun, just like in a real firearm.

ARMPAL Armor-1 Wooden Forearm Armor

The cannon kit can be removed and used with an optional gun body (dubbed “TINY”) to realize a standalone handgun setup. But why would anyone do that because it is quite obvious that the coolest part of the ARMPAL Armor-1 Wooden Forearm Armor is its ability to deploy like Iron Man?

It is worthy to note that retracting is not automatic. It will have to be collapsed manually using a handle at the back of the wearable wooden forearm armor.

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We can find anywhere outside of China selling ARMPAL Armor-1. Apparently, the product was crowdfunded last year and will start shipping in 2022. However, we found a couple of stores on the e-commerce website,, selling around 618-638 yuan (about US$91-94).

Images: Realtech.