We are not sure if cowboy boot with roller skates will go down well with true-blue herdsmen, but heed our words: it is a thing. Seriously, I can’t even. What really is going here? To be honest, I am not quite sure, but if you like, you can buy a pair, or as many as you want, from Wayne’s Western Wheels. So, what are their applications, exactly? Cowboy Hooters? Cowboy Rocket Johnny? Perhaps. One thing is for sure: this pair of rolling cowboy kicks is not horse-friendly, but nobody’s going to stop you from rodeoing with it. Expect frowns from your fellow real cowboys though.

Cowboy Boot Roller Skates by Wayne’s Western Wheels

At least the requisite heels are still intact and the rest of it looks the part of a cowboy boots (probably because they are). If you are real cowboy, this could amount to blasphemy. and hell, it didn’t it even have spurs! So, I guess Cowboy Boot Roller Skates is more of a novelty than anything else and a pretty pricey one actually. Expect a pair to make serious hole in you wallet, you know, like $165 or more kind of hole. Roller skating cowboy boot. Man, what were these people thinking? They should at least have the option of in-line skate or ice skating blades even. I mean, if you are going to go there, why not go all the way? Go check it. It could be the poison you have been looking for.

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P.S. You can add LED to it for that extra bling. Perfect for a roller skate-themed line-dance party.

Cowboy Boot Roller Skates by Wayne’s Western Wheels

Images: Wayne’s Western Wheels.

via Dangerous Minds.

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