The Boring Company Mini Flamethrower

Ever since The Boring Company’s Flamethrower went viral, many folks have gotten into creating their own. YouTuber/tinkerer Peter Sripol is no exception. However, after seeing so many people have done the same, it wouldn’t be fun, would it? So, Peter decided to do something a little different: he designed and made a miniature version that, despite being much smaller, it was more dangerous because, this “The Boring Company Mini Flamethrower” basically spews lit gasoline. Yikes. It was like WWII all over again (read: do not try this at home!).

But this isn’t the first time Peter has made fire spewing, ermmm, ‘thing’. Previously, he managed to destroy some kids childhood with a super creepy radio controlled Thomas the Train Hexapod that spews flames. Man, this guy just wouldn’t stop tinkering, would he? If you haven’t heard of Peter Sripol, then may we suggest that you check out his YouTube channel for more sane-to-not-so-sane DIY projects. Hit the jump to watch the entire build.

Image: YouTube.

via The Awesomer.