Today’s Science Lesson: Can Saltwater Really Drives A Boat?

While scientists dream of making the world less polluted with electric propulsion, one dude in the 1950s dreamed of using seawater to power boats. His bold dream was featured on Mechanix Illustrated Aug. 1954 issue. Using saltwater and different metals to generate electricity is a theory that has been thrown around for a while now. […]

Peter Sripol’s Mini The Boring Company Flamethrower Is NOT For Parties

Ever since The Boring Company’s Flamethrower went viral, many folks have gotten into creating their own. YouTuber/tinkerer Peter Sripol is no exception. However, after seeing so many people have done the same, it wouldn’t be fun, would it? So, Peter decided to do something a little different: he designed and made a miniature version that, […]

A DIY Kylo Ren TIE Silencer Takes Flight Here On Earth And It Is Beautiful!

Now, we all know TIE, which basically acronym for Twin Ion Engines, from everyone’s favorite sci-fi movie franchise won’t happen any time in our lifetime, but with a little help from some real-world hobby-grade electric motors and props, YouTuber Peter Sripol, has gotten a replica of Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer to fly, beautifully, right here […]

Working Steam-powered NERF Gun May Be Good For Steaming Clothes Too

Fascinated by steampunk culture? Like duh.. who doesn’t right? Fantasy aside, have you ever thought about if steam-powered devices are actually practical in real life? I mean, seriously, the time it takes for steam to muster enough power to execute a task or two, it will take need a lot of heat and time. Having […]

RC Hexapod With Thomas The Train That Spews Flames Is Creepy As Hell

Since RC Hexapod surfaced, there have been quite a number of mods on this multi-ped toy, but nothing speak creepiness like this one that came from tinkerer Peter Sripol. The man, who is known for some pretty crazy RC mods including the firefighting drone, put the disc-spitting Banggood RC Hexapod under the knife and swopping […]