Now, we all know TIE, which basically acronym for Twin Ion Engines, from everyone’s favorite sci-fi movie franchise won’t happen any time in our lifetime, but with a little help from some real-world hobby-grade electric motors and props, YouTuber Peter Sripol, has gotten a replica of Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer to fly, beautifully, right here on Earth. I am an old school person which makes me less acceptable to newer TIE iterations, but still, to see Kylo’s evil TIE take flight in our own world was quite a sight to behold. Unlike the official Star Wars R/C toys, Sripol ditches the notion of a quad rotor drone setup; instead, he went on the good’ol propellers-driven setup.

However, that also result in too much nose pitch, which make it a tad unrealistic. It was a good attempt nonetheless. More so when you knew Peter did build the entire aircraft from scratch using mainly hobby-grade foam boards with reference only from the officially licensed toy TIE Silencer he bought from a local toy store. As with most Peter’s projects, no details were spared to result in what you see here: a super realistic TIE Silencer that could past off as a prop replica. Well, kind of. Anyways, the man even thrown in some lighting effects, so it’d look awesome even in low light flight. Keep reading to catch the entire video that details the build progress and the test flights.

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Image: YouTube.

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