Horizon Hobby has joined the elite group of ‘hybrid’ remote control toys with the new Blade Inductrix Switch. Now., you may ask: what is hybrid and how is it elite? Elite because, it is far and few between, and hybrid offers two modes, usually involving a flying drone mode and a land or sea mode. There are really not many such ‘hybrid’. Off the cuff, we can think are Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil, the ceiling crawling Parrot Minidrone and the couple of from B.

Blade Inductrix Switch Drone/Hovercraft

The Blade Inductrix Switch here is a quadcopter drone and it is also a hovercraft. But TBH, it is not as sophisticated as those ‘hybrid’ we mentioned here because, transforming it from a hovercraft to a drone and vice versa does require some ‘fixing up’. A dual joystick 4-channel controller communicates with the craft via 2.4 GHz in both modes. In hovercraft configuration, it kind of skims above surfaces and it is totally waterproof, and capable of traveling on water too.

Blade Inductrix Switch Drone/Hovercraft

Other noteworthy mentions include durable molded plastic and foam skirt ensures durability, programmable LED lights, ready-to-fly, DSMX protocol for use with your existing Spektrum transmitter, an upgradeable design, and one or two-stick control option with SAFE angle mode that keeps the aircraft stable when you hands off the sticks.

Blade Inductrix Switch is available at Horizon Hobby for $79.99.

Blade Inductrix Switch Drone/Hovercraft

Blade Inductrix Switch Drone/Hovercraft

Images: Horizon Hobby.

Source: New Atlas.

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