Here’s A Real-life BTTF DeLorean That Flies, Well, Kind Of…

What you see here is a hovercraft version of the iconic flying car from the second instalment of Back to the Future. I know right. If the DeLorean from the movie flies, surely it can skim over water too, right? Honestly, I don’t know if it could, but one thing for sure is, this DeLorean […]

Blade Inductrix Switch Is A RC Drone And Hovercraft Rolled Into One

Horizon Hobby has joined the elite group of ‘hybrid’ remote control toys with the new Blade Inductrix Switch. Now., you may ask: what is hybrid and how is it elite? Elite because, it is far and few between, and hybrid offers two modes, usually involving a flying drone mode and a land or sea mode. […]

Hov Pod’s Newest Hovercraft is the First of its Kind That’s Made from Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and HDPE

If you’re going to travel over a variety of terrains, then you’ll be needing a rugged ride. One that’s built to take the beating the terrains could unleash on it. One like the Hov Pod Carbon Fiber Hovercraft. Touted as the first hovercraft to be made from carbon fiber, Kevlar and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), […]

You Can Own the Terrain Like a Boss with Renegade Hovercraft, without Blowing Your Hearing

I am not sure why would you need a hovercraft, but I suppose if you want to own the terrain like a boss, then a hovercraft seems like a logical choice. If so, you might want to give Renegade Hovercraft a thought. Renegade, btw, is a successful line of personal hovercraft from the folks who […]

The Golf Cart Hovercraft

forget about the pimped up Pennwick Custom Golf Carts. if you really want absolute style when you are hitting the fairways, The Golf Cart Hovercraft by Neoteric Hovercraft is the way to go. when pro golfer Bubba Watson’s Oakley BW1 hovercraft first made its debut, you couldn’t own one even you have the cash to spare, but thanks to the good people

Mercier-Jones Hovercraft

even if hovercrafts are licensed to be on the road, we doubt if anyone would be thrilled to be driving an uninspiring, rubber wrapped vehicle down the street and that’s not to mention the mandatory, deafening roar when it is in operation – unless the hovercraft that we are talking about look as impressive as the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft. this Mercier-Jones’ iteration…