VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft

With the mention of a hovercraft, you probably imagine it to be an oblong-ish craft with rounded corners and obvious skirting. In short, it is far from sleek, let alone futuristic. Well, not with the VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft.

VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft
It will need a 16′ by 8′ trailer to transport it.

At a glance, the VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft looked like a supercar without wheels. The sleek, exotic car meets luxury yacht lines lend it a futuristic vibe. I am unsure of its relation with the Mercier-Jones Hovercraft we saw 10 years ago, but the two do have some resemblance. And the name there makes us feel like it is somehow related.

Mercier-Jones is no more for sure. But if you search for Mercier-Jones, VONMERCIER pops out and so, I guess Mercier-Jones may be VONMERCIER’s previous life.

Anyhoo, the VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft works like any hovercraft. Powered by three electric motors with a total of 240 HP, it can glide 8 inches (20 cm) above virtually all kinds of relatively flat terrains, including dirt, grass, sand, snow, and even water, cruising at 20 miles an hour (32 km/h) and can reach up to 50 miles an hour (80 km/h) over water.

VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft

While it looks like an automobile, it does not have brakes. Instead, like a boat or aircraft, it has reverse thrust to slow it down or stop. Innovative HoverDrive tech allows this little guy to go forward, reverse, and maneuver laterally. Wait. Can all hovercrafts do that? I am not sure.

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It can accommodate 2-3 occupants and has a payload of 500 pounds (227 kilograms). The electric motors are paired with a 400V lithium-ion battery system with a choice of 18 or 36 kWh capacity that is good for up to 180 mins of operation or up to 80 miles (130 km) range in between charges. Charging takes between 3 to 6 hours.

Like most personal hovercraft, the VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft has an open-air cockpit. However, unlike some personal hovercraft, it appears not to have a minimum weight.

VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft

It has a carbon fiber molded body and boasts an intuitive throttle and steering, digital displays, side intake fans for forward and reverse thrust, a customizable wood deck, and it can be configured with sports seats for two or a bench seat for up to 3 people.

We heard only 23 units will be produced for 2023, each going for around US$200,000. If you are down, you may reserve a unit over at vonmercier.co now.

VONMERCIER Arosa Electric Hovercraft