A Look At How Driving Might Change By 2030

Right now, we’re living in an exciting time of change and revolution, especially when it comes to the car industry. Driving is changing a lot, and in the next few years, is set to be drastically different than it was just a decade ago. With recent government announcements to cease all sales of new internal …

All-electric Volkswagen ID XTREME Off-road Concept Car Unveiled

Volkswagen is moving fast and furious in its plan to have half of its vehicle sales to be electric by 2030 and joining the Volkswagen ID. line electric vehicles of compact hatch, van, SUV and SUV coupé, and sedan concept is this newest reveal: the All-electric Volkswagen ID. XTREME Off-road Concept Car.

Lincoln Model L100 Concept Is Designed To Be Autonomous From The Get-Go

At some point, we’d tell ourselves why we bother to feature concept cars when most of them will never make it to production but each time we cannot resist their allure. I mean, just look at the Lincoln Model L100 Concept Electric Vehicle. We know, it will not make it to production as-is, and yet …

Ariel Hipercar Is An Electric Hypercar With 1,163 HP And Optional Turbine Engine Range Extender

British independent carmaker behind the Atom and Nomad has just revealed a new supercar that has a design that is very detached from its previous offerings. The car’s name, Hipercar, stands for High-Performance Carbon Reduction, and oh, also, it is the marque’s first electric vehicle.