The First Real Gold Tesla Cybertruck JerryRigEverything

Many people have done a lot of unimaginable things to the polarizing Telsa Cybertruck but none as head-turning as Zack Nelson aka JerryRigEverything has done: giving the Cybertruck the gold treatment. And when we said ‘gold treatment’, we meant to say “plated”, not some wraps you may have seen online.

The First Real Gold Tesla Cybertruck JerryRigEverything

Folks, behold the world’s first 24K Gold Plated Cybertruck! Why a gold-plated Cybertruck, you asked? Well, it is to answer the scientific question of if it is possible to gold plate a stainless steel Cybertruck. The answer is ‘yes’ it can be done.

The donor truck is not Zack’s though—I don’t believe Zack owns a Cybertruck (or does he? 🤔). The truck belongs to wallet maker Ridge who acquired the truck for its giveaway.

Long story short, it would cost 60,000 dollars to completely gold-plating the Cybertruck with 99.7% pure gold. The plating process took four days with three people working using a proprietary process from Gold Plating Services.

To protect the precious gold-plated look for years to come, Zack had the folks at Luxe Automotive apply an optically clear self-healing Luma paint protection film over the gold-plated panels.

The final result is stunning. I know. You can see some imperfections and patina on the final gold-plated Cybertruck but those are part of its appeal and exactly what you expect to find on real gold products. It looks natural, is what I am trying to say, as opposed to the perfect result of a gold wrap.

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The brilliant part of this process is that the gold inherits the original sheen of the stainless steel, offering the same matte seen of the original stainless steel Cybertruck. Very cool. You can see the entire process in the video embedded below.

Images: Instagram (zacksjerryrig)/YouTube (JerryRigEverything).