Simone Giertz’s Truckla Gets Updated, Acquires A Companion Automatic Charger

Remember the world’s first Tesla pickup truck, Truckla? Well, apparently, it was kinda like 80% finished at that time. Fast forward to 3 years later, Simon Giertz decided it was time for an update. But this time, she decided to let the experts finish the rest.

Tesla Wants To Sell You A US$300 Wireless Charging Platform For Your Qi-enabled Gadgets

Well, what do you know? Tesla now has a wireless charging pad to sell you too. Actually, it is long overdue if you really think about it. I mean, it already has a power bank and a desktop supercharger, and having a wireless charging pad is a no-brainer for the tech company, right?

10 Technologies That Once Seemed Like Science Fiction

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aka MIT, is an organization that enjoys an impressive reputation in near-science circles. Each year, its staff report on ten technological breakthroughs, the most promising at the time the list was compiled. The latest version of the top ten includes significant achievements by entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists from just last …

Tesla Unveiled Development Prototype Of Optimus Robot That Moves And Walks

Elon Musk was the man who warned of a ‘Terminator’-like AI apocalypse and he was also the same person who want to put AI robots into the homes of regular people. Just last year, on Tesla AI Day 2021, Musk announced that Tesla will be developing a Tesla bot. A year on, on Tesla AI …

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro Was Made With Metal Melted From A Tesla Model 3

In the last post, we told you about an iPhone 13 Pro that pays homage to the iPhone that started it all. What if you are as big of a fan of Tesla and its prolific leader, Elon Musk too? Well, Caviar Phone have you covered. Meet the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Tesla Electro.