After a four-year wait, select buyers who have put down their money for the Tesla Cybertruck have taken deliveries of the radical truck. It’s a significant milestone, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally become a reality. Regardless of your opinions about Elon Musk and Tesla, one can’t deny that under Musk’s leadership, Tesla stands out as the only automaker daring to shatter traditional norms.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck First Deliveries Made

Sure, the Cybertruck’s geometric design may not suit everyone’s taste, but let’s get real, unconventional is never for everyone. Just take a look at the trucks around us – the Tacoma, Raptor, Ram Trucks, or whatnot; Tell me those trucks do not look alike, and tell me Tesla did not break the design convention.

Tesla’s latest creation, the Cybertruck, isn’t just a pickup truck; it’s a groundbreaking marvel that’s redefining the automotive landscape. With a design that marries cutting-edge technology with rugged capability, the Cybertruck offers an impressive array of features and specifications that set it apart from any other vehicle on the market.

The Cybertruck is a workhorse, boasting a payload capacity of 2,500 lbs (1,134 kg) and an astounding towing capability of 11,000 lbs (4,990 kg). With an estimated range of 340 miles (547 km) on a single charge, this electric beast should quell any range anxiety. Well, maybe.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck First Deliveries Made

Speaking of charging… supercharging can provide up to 136 miles (219 km) of range in just 15 minutes, and it can share its power too – thanks to the integrated outlets in the bed and cabin which make it easy to power tools or charge any EV. Yes, that too! Moreover, in the event of an outage, the Cybertruck can even provide up to 11.5 kW of power to your home.

But it’s not just about brawn; this thing is super fast too. Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in a jaw-dropping 2.6 seconds, the Cybertruck combines power and agility in a way that’s unrivaled in its class.

Built for the toughest terrains, the Cybertruck’s electronically adaptive air suspension provides a whopping 12 inches (30.5 cm) of travel and 17 inches (43.2 cm) of clearance, ensuring it’s ready to conquer any landscape. Coupled with the all-terrain tires, this truck is built to go anywhere.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck First Deliveries Made

The ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton not only looks futuristic but is practically indestructible, resisting dents, damage, and corrosion, while the armored glass can withstand impacts that would shatter ordinary windows. And since it is bare like the Delorean, it has no paint chips to worry about.

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It is outfitted with armor glass capable of resisting the impact of a baseball at 70 mph (113 km/h) or in a more practical context, sustaining a class 4 hail.

The acoustic glass makes the spacious, futuristic, and yet minimal interior as quiet as outer space. The massive 18.5-inch touchscreen in the front is complemented by a 9.4-inch touchscreen in the back for access to information and entertainment. In-car entertainment is further bolstered by 15 speakers which include 2 dedicated subwoofers and distributed amps.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck First Deliveries Made

The truck further boasts hospital-grade HEPA filtration, wireless charging, 65 W USB-C, and 120V/240V outlets. It comfortably seats five grown people and offers an expansive view – thanks to the all-glass roof.

Practicality is key, and the Cybertruck delivers. With a super-tough, versatile 6’x4’ (1.8m x 1.2m) bed composite bed that accommodates up to 4’x8’ (1.2m x 2.4m) construction materials, a frunk, roof storage, and a hidden gear locker totaling 67 cubic feet (1.9 cubic meters) of storage, you can really pack it in with this truck. Plus, with fold-down rear seats offering an additional 54 cubic feet (1.5 cubic meters), there’s no shortage of space.

For adventurers, Cybertruck offers optional features like a light bar for up to 525 yards (480 meters) of illumination, a range extender – installed on the truck bed – for a total range of up to 470 miles (756 km), and an easy-to-setup basecamp for two.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck First Deliveries Made

The Tesla Cybertruck isn’t just a truck; it’s a game-changer—a futuristic, robust, and versatile vehicle that’s redefining what it means to drive an electric pickup.

But such awesomeness does not come cheap (obviously). Tesla is accepting orders as we speak but be prepared to shell out at least US$49,890 for an entry-level 2WD model.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck First Deliveries Made

Images: Tesla Motors.

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