Charge Cars Electric Mustang Goodwood

Have you heard about Charge Cars? No? Us either. But we are nevertheless stoke to hear about the British start-up’s brand new, Fully Electric Mustang which it will debuting with Michelin, for the very first time, at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed (July 4-7). The young automaker will be displaying a prototype vehicle at the Michelin Supercar Paddock during the event period. Well, what can we say? This is possibly the best thing since Swind E Classic Mini.

Charge Cars Electric Mustang Goodwood

Charge Cars said that the car is built using officially licensed Ford Mustang shells from the 1960s with the electrical components supplied by EV technology company, Arrival, the same electric mobility specialist that also developed a fleet of electric vehicles for UPS. The electric drivetrain specifics are unknown, but we do know that this undisclosed electric drivetrain puts out a peak power of 400 kW (about 536 HP) which is put to good use at all four wheels with independent wheel control (4-IWD) and it has a rather astonishing motor torque of 1,200 Nm (885 lb-ft).

We were told it has a battery system rated at 64 kWh which affords it a range of up to 200 miles (322 kilometers). As for performance, Charge Cars Electric Mustang rockets from standstill to 60 in “under 3.99 seconds” and tops out at 149 miles-an-hour (240 km/h). Michelin is in the picture of this development. The French tire maker was responsible for the tires (like very obviously) which, in this case, a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 was selected cope with the immense torque, ensuring no power transmitted to the tarmac is wasted.

Charge Cars Electric Mustang Goodwood

Eco-conscious, classic car lovers will be glad that Charge Cars Electric Mustang is not a fantasy. This classic body EV is available to anyone who has the dough to drop. However, only 499 versions of the classic redesign will be built and at quite an asking price, starting at… (make sure you are seated down for this) £300,000, or about US$380,443 according to the going rate at the time of this writing. Well, you know what they say, “good things don’t come cheap.” More so, if they are of limited numbers.

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Reservation is open as we speak. Do note that “an initial fully refundable deposit” of £5,000 (US$6,340) is required. Charge Cars will begin shipping the ordered cars starting September 2019. It is a good thing that you don’t have wait til cobweb starts forming on you.

All images courtesy of Charge Cars.