Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck

We all know a Tesla Pickup Truck is coming. Three years after Elon Musk himself confirmed that the arrival is imminent, Tesla Motors have finally took the wrap of this much anticipated pickup truck called Cybertruck.

It is not just the name is futuristic. The aesthetic too screams “the future!” It is straight up a very angular vehicle. There’s virtually no curves or whatsoever at all. Even the fenders are composed of straight lines.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck

Not going to lie. Cybertruck had me at hello. It is the definition of futuristic looks in our books. I am sold.

The angular body is actually an “exoskeleton” fabricated from Ultra-Hard 30x Cold-Rolled stainless steel, forming a structural skin. The Boyd is capable resisting dents, damage and long-term corrosion.

Then, there’s the Tesla-developed armor glass, made with ultra-strong glass and polymer-layered composite that enables to sustain direct impact. The angular design language extends into the minimal, but super sleek interior.

Three models are being offered: a single motor rear-wheel drive (RWD) model, a dual motor all-wheel drive (AWD) model and a range-topping tri motor all-wheel drive variant. The latter makes 0-60 in under 2.9 seconds, has a range of over 500 miles (805 kilometers) and an impressive 14,000+ lbs of towing capacity.

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Cybertruck may look like a SUV from the side, but it is really a pickup truck with built-in cover. Plus its tailboard is extendable to allow small vehicle like dirt bikes or an ATV to be pushed up without the need for additional ramp.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck

Speaking of ATV, Cybertruck is not alone in the reveal. Elon Musk also revealed a companion ATV that fits the truck bed perfectly. Though no details were offered with regards to the ATV.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck has a starting price of $39,900 and it is available to order today. A refundable $100 will be require to reserve a unit. Production is slated to happen in late 2021.

My bet is, this would likely be a 2022 model, earliest. Tri Motor AWD will be even later, with production expected to begin in late 2022. So, it will be a long before you can get behind the wheel of one, but hey, at least you know you won’t have to put your existing Tesla sedan under the knife like Simone Giertz did.

Tesla Cybertruck Electric Utility Truck

All images courtesy of Tesla Motors.