EZ Raider Is The Jeep/Land Rover Of The Electric Scooter World

This is the EZ Raider All-Terrain Electric Scooter and it kind of makes a typical electric scooter looked like an absolute wuss. One look and you know why is it so. This beast of electric scooters that lets you take on the roads less taken, like quite literally. EZ Raider All-Terrain Electric Scooter is like […]

One Formula-E Team Has Designed An EV For Antarctica Exploration

Prominent Formula-E team, Venturi, has unveiled a new all-electric exploration called Venturi Mission 03: Antarctica designed for scientists and researchers to get around the harsh terrains in Antarctica. The vehicle, officially unveiled on November 30, 2018 at the Prince’s Palace In Monaco, is an initiative of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco’s Foundation.

Meet DT-30PM, The Russian Amphibious Beast You Never Knew Existed

When it comes to moving through unforgiving terrains, no one knows better than the Russians. The Russian has oversaw the birth of a myriad of ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, like the Sherp ATV, Avtoros Shaman 8×8 ATV, an even a buoyant bike, the Taurus 2×2 all-terrain motorcycle, and today, we found yet another impressive example […]

Howe & Howe Is Back With A Leaner And Meaner Sport Tank Called EV3-F1

What has a 1,500 horses 727 cu-in HEMI engine and is capable of tearing through any terrain with blunt, brute force, leaving behind track marks? Well, it is certainly not a Jeep. Neither is it a Chrysler, or Dodge. In fact, those rides will be deemed tame by what you about to witness here: Ripsaw […]

Here’s An Awesome Mobility Solution For Mountainous Region In Colombia

In mountainous regions like the Colombia’s Andes Region, folks still uses mule to haul goods not because they choose to, but because the treacherous terrains dictate that only animals are up to the task. While it seems like it will remain so for years to come, Italy-based Colombian designer Edgar Sarmiento (AKA Eddie Mauro, the […]

Ripchair Will Turn Any Wheelchair Into An Off-Road-Happy Wheelchair

We have seen a few bad-ass vehicles that will enable wheelchair-bound individuals to experience the adrenalin thrill of off-roading again, but those, while awesome, requires wheelchair user to transfer themselves to another vehicle which obviously, is not exactly an easy task and hence, it feels like the off-road for wheelchair-bound person was an afterthought. However, […]

A Lake Is Not Going To Stop This Russian Made Sherp ATV From Going Places

All-Terrain Vehicle, or commonly known as ATV, is designed to go just about anywhere. A true ATV can hit up the beaten trails, but then again, it is not quite “all-terrain” if it stop short of water, right? Unfortunately, that’s the case for most ATVs, but not the Sherp ATV. Looking more like a life-size […]

Daymak Introduces Beast D Electric Bicycle with Dual 500W Motor, Calls it an Electric ATV

When you are hell bent in venturing into the woods, an ATV appears to be the perfect option. But that’s assuming that the woods is generous enough to provide you the space your ATV needs, or you could go with a two-wheel electric all-terrain vehicle, like the Daymak The Beast D Off-Road Electric ATV that […]

Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank Has No Big Gun, But Does Jumps and Drifts

Not everybody has the luxury of owning a tank like Arnold Schwarzenegger does, but then again, who needs a hulking piece of war machine that you can’t even shoot for real? I mean, it is not legal right? However, if you have the fantasy of driving one or better yet, crushing things with a tracked […]

Hexhog Gives Wheelchair-bound Users The Power To Explore The Backcountry Terrains

being wheelchair bound does not mean one has to be restricted to the confines of proper roads. with the Hexhog All-Terrain Wheelchair, wheelchair users will be empowered with the ability to explore the vast wilderness and backcountry areas which conventional wheelchair can’t go – all thanks to the vehicle’s patented flexing chassis and a six-wheel […]